The Place Where We Dwell Is Too Small

“See now, the place where we dwell with you is too small for us.” 2 Kings 6:1
This was the statement made by the sons of the prophet to Elisha. They had obviously outgrown the current facility they were in and the overcrowding made them go to the prophet and ask for a bigger place. The prophet’s response? GO!

When we first bought our current facility way back in 1997, it took almost 18 months from the first time we viewed the premises till the time we agreed to purchase the property. When I first stepped into the facility, the Lord so stirred my heart about the place and I just “knew” that this was going to be ours. We offered a price; the owners countered offered, and this went on for a long period and finally, 18 months later, we possessed our inheritance. But it all began with a burden and this burden was then translated into a vision by the Holy Spirit and I carried it for many months.

There were times when I thought the vision was dead. The deal was on and off and I died many times. But God had spoken to me and I clung on to His promise. So, after a season of testings, a price was finally agreed upon, and we paid the 20% deposit. The rest of course is history, but no one knew the agony that my wife and I had to go through.

After we paid the deposit, we had almost nothing left in the bank and we had many bills piling up. You must remember that this was almost 20 years ago and we had a small congregation of about 400 people; the majority of them whom were students. We had very few working adults in the church. Then came the incessant badgering from the devil, night after night. He’d literally tell me I was going to be a bankrupt and a failure and I’d get up in bed and hyperventilate because I really didn’t know if we were going to pull through. It was a valley of despair. We cried out to the Lord to help us and this went on for months. But God heard our cry. It was amazing.

God sent us a contractor whom I got “reacquainted” providentially and he did a massive work for us for almost nothing. He just felt that God was calling him to help us. He was like an angel sent by God. Then several churches came alongside us to assist. The members of the congregation started rallying around the vision and they helped me bear the burden. And God pulled us out from that very difficult time. There were so many obstacles we were facing and through prayer, we overcame each one of them. When we finally had our first service in Jan 1998, what a day of rejoicing it was for us. It took us many years to finally clear the debt but I stand today and declare that God is faithful.

I share this because I sense we’re now at the place where God’s about to give us a second campus. I’ve searched the Scriptures and realised that each time because of God’s blessings, the Children of Israel experienced shortage of space and went to God asking Him to help; He’d always undertake to assist His people. The God I serve is the God of abundance and overcrowding is not His plan for us.

So, for almost two years, we’ve been keeping our eyes open for a second campus and I do believe we’ve found the one. It’s also taken us over 18 months but I keep hearing the Lord say to me to be patient and wait for Him. And we did. We didn’t push or strive. And we’ve kept our hearts open to Him. Negotiations are now underway and I’d like to ask you to stand with us in prayer. What we need now is a breakthrough. God is a GOOD GOD and He’ll undertake for us.

Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong

They Have Divided Up My Land

Joel 3:2b “They have also divided up MY LAND.”

Genesis chapter 15 is one of the great chapters in the Word of God. In this chapter, we find God promising to give to Abraham the whole land of Canaan. Abraham then asked the Lord a question. He said, “How shall I know this?” In other words, what sign will you give to me? It wasn’t doubt on Abraham’s part because the verse before indicated that he believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness. The apostle Paul commented on this chapter in Romans 4 when he gave his classic exposition on faith. What Abraham was asking God for was a sign of His promise. The Lord, in response to Abraham’s question, then proceeded to make a covenant with him and the rest of the chapter read more…

The Chariots of God

Our first service of the year set the tone for what God has already put in our hearts. Heidi Baker was compelled to share the vision that God gave her sometime ago and I’m relaying the vision to you again because of its significance for us as a church. This is the word of the Lord to Cornerstone.

“In the vision, I saw chariots; chariots of fire surrounding the globe. And in the chariots, each one had two saints of God and they had no colour and it really struck me. ‘Lord, why is there no colour in them?’ The Lord said, ‘Because they’re transparent.’ There are no hidden motives, no hidden agenda, no hidden sin, nothing’s hidden. There was only one portion of them that had colour and it was their hearts. They had huge hearts. 

“I read more…

Year of the Greater

I entitled my blog in Jan 2016, “The Year of the Lord’s Favour” and wow, what a year 2016 has turned out to be. I recalled the year before that, 2015, was such a high point in our journey that I actually thought it could not get any better than this, but we surpassed all expectations and I’ve to give God all the glory. 2016 will certainly go down as one of the most incredible and productive years in our 21-year history. It was an absolutely amazing year for us and yes, we’ve had some very fruitful years in our past 21 years, but I can’t recall a year that was so fruitful.

What is 2017 going to hold for us?

Well for one, after the inauguration of the 45th US President read more…

What A Year This Has Been!

This weekend is technically the last weekend for us in 2016. How quickly times flies and we’re now at the end of the year and about to enter into a brand new year. I took a quick inventory of 2016 and I must confess that this year has been one of the finest years we’ve had on record, in every way. We recorded pretty phenomenal growth for 2016 and this increase has continued unabated since our inception, year upon year. For this, we give God praise. With the exception of just one congregation, all our congregation marked a healthy increase in attendance.

2016 started off with a bang with Kingdom Invasion 2016. I think it was the best KI conferences we’ve ever had on record. Not only were the speakers amazing, the healing and miracles amazed us all. read more…

Stand Up For The Truth

Have you ever considered the extreme contrasts found in John 8? On one hand, we’ve the familiar verse of knowing the truth and being liberated by it (Jn 8:32). We then see satan mentioned as the one who’s the “Father of All Lies” with no truth abiding in him (Jn 8:44). This conflict and tension is manifesting itself in full measure in today’s world.

The term “fake news” is being injected into the daily discourse of life, but who really is its author? Does this have any relevance to the Church? The origin of fake news can be sourced back to the Garden of Eden. God spoke “Truth” with regard to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Gen 2:16-17). Satan wasted little time in seeking to redefine God’s truth (Gen 3:4-6). The sobering reality is this – man read more…

The Willingness To Change

According to the Southern Baptist Convention, an average of 1,000 churches disappear from their databases each year. Research cites “unwillingness to change” as the primary reason. Charisma Magazine reported that 3,700 churches close their doors every year in the U.S. alone, but the Christian Post suggests it’s more likely 10,000. That’s a staggering number. So why are so many churches closing their doors?

In Luke 5:33-39, we find an interesting passage that gives us an understanding that before God can pour into us His new wine, a new wineskin has to prepared. That if we want to have the privilege of hosting His Presence, then we must be willing to make changes in the way we do church. So let’s get into context.

Several disciples of John had come to Jesus and asked Him, “Why do read more…

Blind Obedience

I’m going to stick my neck out a little and risk saying something that might not go down well with people. But hear me out till the end and perhaps you might gain something out of what I’m about to say.

Noah was perhaps one of the most outstanding persons in the Bible who received an accolade like none other. “Noah was a righteous man, faultless in his generation. Noah walked with God” (Gen. 6:9). However, the end of his life didn’t quite match up with how he started. Genesis 9 tells us that he “began to be a man of the soil.” He planted a vineyard, drank its wine, became drunk and became uncovered. Not the most glorious way to end the commentary of one’s life, especially for one as illustrious as Noah’s.

I think there’s a read more…

Cornerstone At Rest

“There remains therefore a rest to the people of God 
(Heb 4:9).” As the year draws to a close many will be taking holiday trips or be involved in mission-related outreaches, as well as spending time with family. There are needed seasons of stepping away from the daily circuit of life so that allowance can be made for rest, reflection and recalibration.  So what exactly is the Rest of God? Let’s consider two examples below:

1) Nehemiah was a leader who came into a position of rest. How was he able to complete the rebuilding of the walls in 52 days while being challenged and threatened by the enemy (Neh 6:15)? He knew his identity and calling; put another way, he stepped into his purpose. He carried the burden of the Lord and experienced favour along the way. Nehemiah read more…

Check Your Giving

The first act of violence occurred when Cain murdered Abel over the reception of their gift to God. Genesis 4 records for us the account of what happened. Abel’s gift was received by the Lord while Cain’s was rejected. God is never capricious and there’s a definite reason why Abel’s gift was received while Cain’s wasn’t. The primary reason had to do with the “Principle of the First”, in that Abel brought a first fruit while Cain brought an offering from amongst all that he had.

Nonetheless, Cain’s response also spoke loudly about his true intentions and motivation behind the gift that he brought. In truth, if our desire is truly to give something to another, we’d seek to give something that the recipient would want. If our intentions were truly altruistic, then the right response when our gift read more…

Bless Santiago

I remember years ago, how we’d often sit together with Pastor Yang and talked about how we could impact the world (we still do this very often). One of the things that we kept coming back to was about doing massive evangelistic campaigns that would impact whole cities for Jesus Christ.

We looked at Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke and Ed Silvoso and dreamt about the day whereby we’d do likewise. Nonetheless, the journey from the place of dreaming to the place of reality is a long and arduous one. Last week, we took our first tentative steps towards the fulfilment of something that’s been germinating in our spirits for years, when we took over 200 volunteers from Singapore, Philippines and the USA to Santiago City in Northern Luzon.

In the four days of the citywide campaign, read more…

Fields White For Harvest

This has been a significant week for our church, as over 180 Filipinos and Singaporeans laboured together in the Philippine city of Santiago. The community was served and the Word of God was preached. We believe God for an abundant and abiding harvest of souls through the recently-concluded “Bless Santiago” event.

“The Parable of the Net” is the 7th of the kingdom parables that denotes the last day harvest. It can be linked to the Feast of Tabernacles which is the 7th feast that Israel was called to observe. The Feast of Tabernacles has many names attributed to it – the Feast of Glory, Feast of Joy and Feast of Ingathering. The Church of Laodicea was the 7th church mentioned in the Book of Revelation. It helps to characterise the picture of the End-time Church (Rev 3:14-22).

Matthew 13:47-50 read more…

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