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This week, we had the privilege of meeting with the pastors of partner churches who are coming on-board with us for Kingdom Invasion 2014 and there was such a real buzz and an excitement in the air. I gave the pastors a few statistics about the conference we had this year, and they were pretty impressive numbers.

We had over 4,000 day registrants and well over 7,500 in the evening meetings, representing well over 400 churches. We also had well over 600 overseas delegates representing 28 different nations and we recorded over 1,500 healings in the conference. Pretty impressive when you think about it. And whilst all this is very exciting, really all they are, are just a bunch of statistics, but that was until I got the emails and the letters. And mind you, not just a few, but scores and scores of people writing to thank us for hosting the conference.

We read testimonies about how people’s lives were powerfully touched and healed. But it wasn’t just about the physical healing, and there were some pretty notable miracles. We also read about relationships being restored in the family. We read about marriages being restored. We read about lives of people being repaired and transformed and sometimes, it’s so easy to miss all this when you’re just looking at the big picture and the statistics. We need to just pause for a moment and consider that every single one of those statistics represents someone’s life; someone whose life will never be the same because of the God they encountered at Kingdom Invasion 2013.

To be very honest, we were thinking that Kingdom Invasion 2013 would be the last conference and that come 2014, we might do something else, and differently too. Not only was the budget escalating, we wanted to make sure that fatigue was not setting in because doing something like this is a huge endeavor and the planning for the next conference takes place almost immediately after the previous one is over. Hundreds of people have to be mobilised, and all hands on the deck. So we pondered over whether we should have Kingdom Invasion 2014. The thing that melted my heart was hearing the stories of missionaries, many of them unsung heroes, who’ve laboured for a long time in the mission field, often with no support or appreciation, and when they say to me that the one event they look forward to is Kingdom Invasion in Singapore, and how they cancel everything and bring their whole teams to come and have an encounter with the Lord, that about did it for me.

I really love missionaries and God knows I’d bend backwards for them, over and over again, just to bless another. But to have hundreds of them make Kingdom Invasion a key calendar event for their ministries is something I couldn’t ignore. It’s worth it. It’s worth all the sweat, the long nights working, the co-ordinating, the planning, the mobilising, the finances. Everything’s worth it when the Body of Christ is blessed and the Kingdom of God advances. But not only that, we see many churches in Singapore blessed as well.

Senior pastors tell me they’ve seen spikes in the number of healing cases in their own churches. We’re told that there are now mini Kingdom Invasion conferences held in different parts of Asia. They catch the fire here and they bring it back to their hometowns and cities. So Kingdom Invasion is now being multiplied in various nations, and the Kingdom of God expands. Is this not worth it? Is this not something that we should give our full attention to? We’ve just heard that a large contingent of pastors and believers are coming from the Global Awakening Ministry to help in next year’s conference. Wow, this is so exciting! The army is gathering and God is moving and I want to invite everyone of you to get on board. Could this be the event that ushers in a fresh move of God in Asia? We’ll never know till we say “Yes Lord”. So get on board and get involved. Every person can and must play a part!eve and exercising what we thought was faith. Rest in Him and let Him work through you. It’s really not that complicated.

Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong

15 November 2013




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