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Categories Doctrine A New Creation

A New Creation

Speaker  Samuel Doctorian
Congregation  Sunday Service
Date   4 September 2005

Duration  58:11
File Size MP3  9.9MB

Sermon Synopsis

Unless we are born again, we cannot see or enter the kingdom of God. Those who are born again are made a new creation in Christ. This new birth is so miraculous, it happens just once in a lifetime. One cannot be born again, again. Have you received the miracle of this new birth? Listen and receive the greatest miracle in your lifetime!

Scripture References  
John 3:3-6
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John 3:3-6

About the Speaker

Rev. Samuel Doctorian

Rev. Samuel Doctorian is an Armenian evangelist and bishop. He is the founder of the Bible Land Mission. Born in Beirut, Lebanon and raised in Jerusalem, Samuel Doctorian is thoroughly familiar with Bible Lands and other areas in the Middle East. He speaks four languages (Turkish, Armenian, Arabic and English), but most important of all, he is wholly-devoted to God and His service. For many decades now, he has travelled all over the Middle East and the world, preaching the Gospel mostly at unplanned meetings where multitudes have been won to Christ. He has visited Singapore many times and is well-respected by Christians here for his boldness in preaching the Gospel.

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