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The life of a Christian is built on the foundation of the Word of God. Our Training and Equipping (T&E) classes are designed to equip and navigate you through the different seasons of life.

From our 100 series for the new believer to our 600 series for leadership training, there’s something at every stage of your walk with Christ to help you hit the high call of God! (Philippians 3:14)


Courses available for T&E 2017 Semester 2

This course is a must for every believer who wants to go on to maturity (perfection)! The expository study on the 6 foundational stones of the Christian faith from Hebrews 6:1–2 will help your walk with God remain consistently strong through the storms of life. Laying the right foundations are necessary to move on with the Lord.

Topics covered:
1. The 6 Christian foundations
2. Keys to Christian maturity
3. Remaining strong during difficult times

This course is an introduction to the basic doctrines of the Word of God. It covers the study of God, His attributes, His names and title, His character as well as an explanation of the Trinity.

Topics covered:
1. Importance of Doctrine
2. The attributes of God
3. Understanding of the Trinity

The Journey of Israel is a study on the pilgrimage that the Children of Israel took from Egypt to Mount Zion. This historical record is synonymous to our life in Christ and gives us spiritual insights as to how we can conquer our enemies from within and without to enter into spiritual Mount Zion where we are called to enter into God’s perfect rest.

Topics covered:
1. Entering into spiritual Mount Zion
2. Understanding God’s perfect rest
3. The key to conquering enemies from within

While we are all called to be worshippers, those who are called to lead others in worship are often faced with a far greater challenge and responsibility. The good news is that worship leading is a skill that can be honed.

This course covers both practical and spiritual aspects of worship leading including: Understanding worship, enhancing your vocal abilities, working with an instrument etc.

By worship leaders, for worship leaders!

Topics Covered:
1. Understanding worship
2. How to lead worship

Our church is called to be a House of prayer for all nations. This course brings new perspective to the revelation and insight on the purposes of God through the different facets of prayer & intercession. A challenge to respond to the Lord’s call through effective Biblical keys.

Topics covered:
1. House of Prayer
2. Power of Prayer and Intercession

In Part 1 of Moving in the Prophetic series, the course expounded on the importance of Prophecy & Christian Living, how to activate the prophetic gift, and the different avenues where it can be exercised. Participants can expect hands-on sessions in part 2 of this course and receive practical handles on moving in the prophetic.

Pre-requisites for this course: Students must have attended Moving in the Prophetic Track 1 course

Topics covered:
1. Pursue and Sharpen the Prophetic gift
2. Importance of having the ability to discern and see

The Biblical Foundation in ministering healing was covered in the “Supernatural healing Track 1” course. This module aims to equip believers with practical skills to minister healing outside the four walls of the church, wherever they go! The topics that will be covered include: Obeying the Great Commission, Practical Skills to Minister Healing, Social Etiquette and Protocol.

Pre-requisites for this course: Students must have attended Physical Healing Track 1 course.

* Students will serve their apprenticeship with the Healing Ministry during the weekend services for a period of 2 weeks.

Topics covered:
1. Our Healing Culture in Cornerstone Community Church
2. Understand that everyone can heal the sick
3. Seeing the importance of ministering healing outside the 4 walls of Church.

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