My Favourite Meetings in Cornerstone

The late Edwin Louis Cole, the man who wrote the book, “Maximised Manhood”, told us a story of a time he was speaking in a men’s meeting when he remarked, “I like men.” A 97-yr-old grandmother jumped up at the back and screamed, “I like men too, brother!” I have no fear of exaggerating when I say that my favourite meetings in church undoubtedly are the men’s meetings. I like men too, and I’ve discovered that when men learn to stand up as men, behave as real men, and love as maximised men, we’ll see a massive revolution in the church. The problem is – we’ve too many emasculated men in the church who need to have a fresh encounter with God the Father.

I wonder how many of you men have or had fathers who were not very good examples of maleness or masculinity. You had fathers who didn’t communicate with you, didn’t know how to nurture you, didn’t tell you they loved you or probably were absent most of the time. They were not there for you when you needed them.

The late Derek Prince made this staggering statement. 
He said the problem with the American family is not rebellious women; it’s renegade males. In other words, the heart of the problem in a dysfunctional home cannot always be blamed on a wife who’s out of place or unsubmissive. Rather, it’s a renegade husband who runs from his responsibilities as a husband and a father and by default allows the initiative and leadership of his home to fall upon his wife. And all this has resulted in confusion as to how we’re supposed to express authentic maleness. We don’t know what it is to be a real man because we had such poor examples in our own families. And probably the only source where we derive our idea of manhood is from TV shows or movies and what comes out from that is usually a very distorted picture of real manhood.

So out of this cloud of confusion have emerged two divergent models of masculinity. The first is called the “Marshmallow Male” or the weak male and the second is the “Macho Male”. Here’s the “Marshmallow Man”; see if this fits you: He’s usually indecisive, lacks confidence, and lacks drive. Perhaps he likes to wear jewelry, likes to go to the unisex saloon and likes wearing soft clothes. They’re people who don’t like to take responsibility. Poet Robert Bly calls them “soft males”. He says and I quote: “They’re lovely, valuable people and I like them! They’re not interested in harming the earth or starting wars; but something is wrong! Many of these men are unhappy; there’s not much energy in them. They’re life-preserving; but not exactly life-giving!”

“They’re nice men”, says Bly, “but they’ve no life or vitality to pour into those around them. And more and more wives are complaining that their husbands have no energy or creativity to offer their marriages or that they’re the only ones in the relationship with direction and purpose. Why are they complaining? Because what they’re left with are emasculated, weak men! Soft males; feminized versions of men; confused and frightened men; men incapable of breathing life and energy to those around them; manhood that’s not maximized.”

The “Macho Man” is as every bit confused as their softer counterparts. The only difference is that they choose the opposite response. These guys are frightened and insecure men trying to convince the world that they’re flesh and blood examples of raw manhood. The truth is they’re terrified little boys in grown-up bodies. What are their characteristics? In a group, they’re loud and rough. They like to do bold, brash and even frightening things to show that they’re macho. Some use vulgarity or profanity. Some drink beer, choke on cigarettes or experiment with drugs. Others boast about their sexual conquests.

These men like to dominate and intimidate their employees, wives and children to prove that they’re strong and in control. Consider these three major problems of our day: abortion, pornography, and domestic violence. It’s often the macho-oriented men who impregnate women and then expect them to go for an abortion, purchase pornography, and beat up women and children in their own homes. Obviously, this “macho-madness” is not what God had in mind when He created man. The “Macho Man” is just another distortion of true manhood, and we’ve to admit that now and then, we do get caught up in this madness with all the macho stuff we watch on television.

On Monday, we had Pastor Larry Stockstill speak on the “Model Man” and it must surely be one of the high points in Cornerstone. Pastor Larry was on fire. The challenge to live lives that would be models for others resounded in our hearts. I’m putting the message up on our website because right between the “Marshmallow Man” and the “Macho Man” is the “Model Man” and he’s the man whom God has created in His image. Guys, if you were not in church for the seminar, please do this for me, listen to the podcast or download the message from our website. It’s life changing. Time for the model men to rise up!

Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong

Kith and Kin

What an amazing time we had last week at our Big Family Day Out. We had several thousand people present and the atmosphere was just wonderful. I remember at 6.45 am, it was raining with thunder and lightning. The sky was black. I think all of Cornerstone was praying. When I got there at 8.30 am, the skies were still cloudy but the rain had stopped. We were all on tenterhooks. The weather held up till about 30 minutes into the program when it started to drizzle slightly. I remember looking up to the clouds and praying and I had a prophetic moment. I caught a momentary glimpse of the absolute goodness of our Heavenly Father in a split second and I just knew all will be well. The weather forecast from 9 am – 12 pm was thundery read more…

Moving Forward As A Family

In the Old Testament, the Children of Israel would assemble and journey together under the banner of their respective tribes. Each of the 12 tribes would have a designated location allotted to them in proximity to the Tabernacle of Moses. In the times of travel, they’d be led by God via the cloud by day or pillar of fire by night (Exo 13:21). There were special gatherings or assemblies that would take place whenever the sound of the trumpet went forth. The trumpet sound could be a call to war, a call to journey forward or a call to assemble together for the purpose of instruction (Num 10:1-10).

This background may help give a greater appreciation for our “Kith and Kin – Big Family Day Out” taking place this weekend at Fort Canning Park. It’s interesting that this event read more…

Hinges of History

In the next five weeks, the United States of America will have a new president. It’s been described as the most pivotal and watershed election ever in U.S. history and whichever way the Americans will vote, one thing is for sure – America will never be the same again. They’ve crossed the Rubicon, so to speak.

But not only are there going to be seismic changes for the American people and their way of life, the rest of the world will go through similar great upheavals. I’m predicting that 2017 will mark the beginning of the most tumultuous times in our generation. The great prophet Isaiah prophesied that darkness and gross darkness will cover the earth. That’s a given. But while we know the world is spiraling downwards into chaos and great confusion, we also know that great read more…

The End of Blindness

On my recent trip back from the United Kingdom, I pick up the latest copy of National Geographic on the plane and on the cover was this title “The End of Blindness”. I got excited right there. The article had to do with the current global battle to end blindness on this planet. The stats are pretty staggering. Take a look at this – Roughly 1 in 200 people are blind. That’s about 39 million people in the world who cannot see, who live in total darkness. Another 246 million have very poor vision that severely limits their movements. About 90% of the world’s visually-impaired live in low-income settings. But here’s the good news – 80% of all visual impairment can be prevented or cured.

So these numbers alone would justify our battle against blindness. The article goes on read more…

A Historic Event

Our recent trip to Wales was an amazing one. We’ve in this current semester a wonderful cohort of students from 10 different nations, as faraway as Argentina and Colombia. The barrier that separates the seen from the unseen is a thin wall that’s about to be broken. Each time I’m in the College, I’m filled with anticipation that “this trip” could be the trip where we see an open heaven. I assure you my friends, we’re not far away. God’s moving very powerfully in the Bible College of Wales. It’ll be once again a hub of incessant prayer and intercession, as it once was in the days of Mr. Rees Howells.

Apart from the College, we also have a house of prayer established at Pisgah Chapel and the momentum there is building. There’s definitely a residual of the read more…

A Divine Pattern for Families

The birth and the progression of Abraham and his family gives us much insight into God’s divine order for the family and His prototype for us. As we talk about “Kith and Kin”, we need a brand new understanding and mindset about God’s order for the family. Far too often, our perspective about family is rooted in our Asian upbringing and in Confucianism rather than in God’s biblical pattern. I want to share with you four aspects of what a biblical family must contain and undergo:

1. Separation
God’s call to Abraham begins with a call of separation. In Gen 12:1-3, God calls Abram to separate from his natural family in order to establish himself in the call of God. One of the fundamental principles of a Christian family is that of “leaving and cleaving.” Gen 2:24 gives us read more…

What Does God’s Word Mean To You?

There were many radio ministries during the Charismatic Movement that helped nurture and strengthen my walk as a believer. One such programme was the ministry of Dr. Douglass, a man who taught a simple message while carrying a burden for India. The opening theme song to his programme has always stayed with me and it serves as the catalyst for this exhortation: 

“The Word is working mightily in me;

The Word is working mightily in me; 

No matter what the circumstances; 

What I feel or see; 

The Word is working mightily in me.”

Does the Word of God have this level of impact in your life? Cornerstone just concluded its Training and Equipping (T&E) classes which consisted of seven different modules with 349 registered students. The classes are not meant to be just a seasonal encounter with read more…

Our Common Identity

“But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvellous light.” 1 Peter 2:9

It’s fascinating when you look at various societies, religions or nations – how each of them would have their own elites: priests, bishops, gurus, saints, mystics, shamans, or holy man. These form a distinct class that’s set apart from the rest. They’ve special knowledge and access and accordingly, authority that’s exclusive to them which the rest of the populous do not have. Yet in the New Testament, Peter calls us back to the origins of God’s intention when He called Abraham out from amongst the nations to establish a people that would be unique upon this earth.

Peter gave three distinct read more…

The Cornerstone Family

What does the thought of family mean to you? It’s no secret that the family structure has been under attack for a number of years. The driving force in today’s modern day culture has had success in dividing homes and redefining its values. The eventual fallout can be a loss of identity and purpose. The consequences are not limited to just an individual family, but it’s showing to be a national issue. What does this mean to Cornerstone as a church?

The Cornerstone family continues to see growth both here in Singapore and in the nations. The favour and blessing of God upon the church is undeniable but it’s a trust that comes with great responsibility. Though we rejoice at the increase that God has brought to us, we must never lose sight that we’re a corporate family; a gathering of read more…

Of Dreams and Ideals

“Moses was one hundred and twenty years old when he died. His eyes were not dim, nor his natural visor diminished.” Deut 34:7

This was the description of Moses just prior to his death. Moses did not die of old age. He died simply because he had accomplished all that God had for him to do and it was time for him to return to his Creator. There’s no better way to die than this.

The description given of Moses was not mere adjectives of his condition and state but they were consequential statements of who he was even at the end of his life. What it means is that because his vision was not dimmed, therefore his strength remained unabated, even at the age of 120. To put it simply, Moses never lost his ideals and therefore read more…

Missions In Our Hearts

Our global network of pastors met this week in Johor Bahru for our Annual Summit. This is a time when all our key pastors from the nations come together for a time of recalibration, refreshing and fellowship. All in all, we had 65 pastors coming together from 16 nations. It was amazing to hear the stories and testimonies from different pastors, and to realise the impact we’re making as a network of churches, in reaching the lost, feeding the poor, setting captives free, and also discipling and releasing believers into the nations.

As I reflect on the time we had together this week with the pastors, a few thoughts come to mind:

When Pastor Yang and Pastor Daphne started the church years ago, the Lord spoke to them specifically that Cornerstone should read more…

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