KI Kids BRAVE Conference 2019


Dates: 3-5 Dec 2019 
Venue: Cornerstone Community Church

KI BRAVE Conference is into its 3rd year and it is the only kids’ conference in Singapore of its kind. We’ve only one agenda – to see this generation marked by the eternal purposes of God!

Imagine a generation of young ones empowered in prayer, energised in faith and passion, and emboldened to share God’s love! That’s BRAVE Conference in a nutshell – set in an atmosphere of fun and excitement; while letting our children come to a place of encounter with Jesus through anointed worship, activating them in the power of God and in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and reminding them that they’re treasured and valued by a loving Heavenly Father.

Conference Speakers: 
Will Hart, The Clancys and Dan McCollam

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