Let’s Talk About Dreams & Interpretations (Live!)

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15 July 2020

Date: July 15 (Wed)
Time: 8pm
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The language of dreams is one of the primary ways how God speaks to and through His people. We’re in a season of heightened spiritual activity and God is downloading many dreams as instructions, reminders and even warnings. How do you know if a dream is given by God? And how can you decipher it? How can we tune in to the Spirit of God and ask Him to speak to us in dreams?

In our 3rd and final episode of ‘Let’s Talk About’ this Wednesday July 15, join Chris Berglund and Ps. Yang LIVE as they answer these questions and more, and talk about the subject of Dreams and Interpretations. You don’t want to miss this!

About Chris Berglund
Chris walks in an unusual and unmistakable ‘Joseph anointing’, where God has given him a prophetic gift in the area of dreams and interpretation. He has helped church plant with Che’ Ahn and Lou Engle, was Dean of The Call School with his wife, Susan, served on the leadership team with Mike Bickle, while teaching at the Grace Training Center and Forerunner School of Prayer, as well as serving IHOP during its launch. Chris’ prophetic ministry helped launch TheCall, a gathering of over 400,000 youth in America to fast and pray for their nation. Chris’ passion for union with Christ and his revelation of manifest sonship continue to grow in influence. He is the Founder of Ascending Zion Ministries.

About Ps. Yang
Do we even need an introduction? Ps. Yang is a ‘Dreamer’ to say the least! 🙂

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