Night of Worship with Leeland

(Cornerstone Main Auditorium Level 3)

27 February 2019 (Wed)

For 1-night only, Leeland will be at The Cornerstone this Feb 27 for an evening of worship and teaching.

Since their 2006 breakthrough debut album, Sound of Melodies, Leeland has become a key voice in an emerging generation of worship music. Leeland (Leeland Mooring & Casey Moore), joined the Bethel Music Collective in 2015 and carry a deep history of songwriting and passionate worship. Their lives, ministry, and music are a true extension of their passion to worship God personally and with their community. Along with 4 Grammy nominations and 8 Dove Award nominations, Leeland brings unique experience and excellence to Bethel Music. Their recent song “Lion and Lamb” was featured on Bethel Music’s album Have it All, and their first full-length solo album with Bethel Music, Invisible, released in July 2016.

Don’t miss this night of worship on Wednesday, 7.30pm. Admission is free. Hosted by FOPx.

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