Amid the adjustment and juggling between WFH, HBL and school holidays, some reflective questions were posed during this period such as, “How does God want our ministry to reach kids and families in becoming lifelong disciples of Jesus? If time, money, or other obstacles were non-issues, what would we pursue for the sake of this and future generations’ faith?”

It’s important to land answers to these questions so that we remain true to our heart and the heartbeat of our ministry. We don’t add something simply because it’s the latest church trend. Nevertheless, we see the need to build upon those “in-between” moments outside the weekend-only ministry models. In order to increase the number of outreach and discipleship touch points with kids and families, something needs to change Monday through Friday.

With that in mind, the idea for midweek CSCCKidz Online was incubated. And we’ve exciting news for you! We’re also bringing #schoolholswithcscckidz during the month of May.

Stay tuned with CSCCKidz App or CSCCKidz Youtube channel for weekly updates and activities.

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Bringing CSCCKIDz to your home

Here is how the CSCCKIDz experience could look like:

CSCCKIDz Youtube Channel

Our CSCCKidz YouTube channel is now launched! You can share some of our Children’s Church content with your children, nieces and nephews. Bringing you fresh and exciting content every week!

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Download our CSCCKidz App to access amazing online lessons! Please email to obtain your Login ID and password.


Yes! Cornerstone Children’s Church has online lessons for ages 18 months to 12 years old. These are available at the CSCCKidz App:

  • Bible teaching through lesson videos or slides (for toddlers 18 months- 3 years, preschoolers 3-6 years, primary-age children 7-12 years)
  • Journal activities, discussion questions and family activities (in the “Dream Big, Dream Often” kidz journal, available at Faithworks)
  • Memory verse of the month
  • Resources for families
Search “CSCCKidz” on the App Store or Google Play, and download the CSCCKidz App. Please email to obtain your Login ID and password.
Thank you for your keen interest! The CSCCkidz app is reserved for families who are attending Cornerstone, and their children have also registered with the Children’s Church. You can however, access our CSCC Kidz YouTube channel for preschool lessons, memory verses, songs and prayer declaration videos.
The contents are not duplicated. Each lesson plans uploaded in CSCCkidz App are engaging and age-appropriate according to the respective age groups. It entails weekly lesson plan, discussion questions and family activities for parents to interact and connect with their child.

Whereas the videos in CSCCkidz YouTube Channel act as supplementary resources to substantiate the learning journey of each child. Afterall, we believe that children can have fun and learn about God!