The Freedom Ministry is committed to lovingly pray for the sick and proclaim freedom for those in bondage. We believe that the Father’s heart is for all to experience complete healing, freedom and wholeness in their body, soul and spirit. It is the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit that enable one to overcome the power of sicknesses, break the cycle of destructive patterns, heal the wounds of the soul and release people into their God-given destiny.

In our Open Heavens Breakthrough Sessions every Tuesday 7:45 pm at Odeon Katong Theaterette 2 (11 East Coast Road), our ministry teams will spend personal time with individuals seeking physical or inner healing and deliverance. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we guide them through the process of receiving freedom and wholeness. Each session lasts from 1–1½ hours.

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• Healing and Deliverance classes are offered during our Training & Equipping semesters.

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• Join us as a worship leader or instrumentalist, help others receive their deliverance*, or serve in administrative roles.

* Pastoral recommendation is required.

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