In Cornerstone, we’re BIG on media! We recognise that the creative and excellent use of media can go a long way in reaching many for the cause of Christ. That’s why we’re passionate about our designs, slides, videos and anything that helps us communicate the message or tell the story well. We’re always on the look out for like-minded, passionate, creative, and fun-loving individuals to be a part of our volunteer team!

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For JOB OPPORTUNITIES in the Media & Communications Department, email us with your resumé and a portfolio/showreel of the best stuff you’ve done.

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• Provide technical support to pastors and worship leaders during our worship services in the area of lighting design.

Camera Crew

• Be a camera operator during services and special events or operate our video mixers while working with a TV crew for an added adrenaline boost during live events and services!


• Capture memorable moments and events for our publications, archives and other creative mediums.

VisualX (Projectionist)

• Work with Control Room Ops Team to project lyrics, visuals and create a visual worship experience for our worship services.


• Conceptualise, plan, shoot and produce videos for events and promos. Areas of involvement: video production, post-editing, animation, after effects etc.

Web Team

• Design and updating of web content. Provide back-end programming support etc.

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Get involved in the church by serving in a ministry. Take the opportunity to exercise your God-given gifts and talents. Email us to find out how you can start serving.


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