The Service Team is made up of various departments, namely – Contact (Ushers), Helps, Compliance, Service Coordinator, Guest Central and Info Central. Each serves the church in practical and functional ways and ensure the smooth operations of all church events and services, giving every visitor and member a pleasant worship experience.


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Contact (Ushers)

Contact Ministry is about creating a welcoming culture in church for anyone who enters our doors. Through a smile, a handshake or giving directions, we seek to show Christ’s love by providing practical assistance for visitors, newcomers and members alike.


Our Helps Team blesses the Body in practical and essential ways by helping to clean and maintain our church premises and facilities so that everyone can enjoy a conducive environment in our services.


The Compliance Ministry keeps a vigilant watch over the security and safety of our services and meetings, providing general assistance and deterrence where necessary.

Service Coordinators*

The Service Coordinator works closely with the other service teams such as the Ushers, Compliance and Helps crew to ensure the smooth operations of our facilities and provide a conducive environment to enhance the overall service experience. *By recommendation and appointment only.

Guest Central

Our Guest Central Team aim to create a welcoming experience and atmosphere for guests and visitors to the church. The team assists to answer queries about church life, ministry involvement, cell groups, faith or the next step in one’s journey with God.

Info Central

The Info Central provides support for our ministries/departments’ front-line connection to the church. This includes providing information and/or directions, handling registration and payment collection, as well as being the first point of contact with our members, visitors and guests.

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