Being with people who had nothing but Jesus

In 2019, our team flew to a Southeast Asian country G to minister in one of their islands and city. Over 8 days, we saw 2 partial healings, 40 salvations and 64 children expressing their desire to know God as Father! Before the trip began, God had revealed to us that He wanted to be known as a personal God; a good Father who is close to the people on the island. We planned the trip with this revelation in mind.

Upon reaching the island, we were invited to a prayer house in a school we were going to minister at. We were blown away by their unrestrained worship, the children’s purity as they sang and longed

for God. After worship, we conducted activities with the students – having them write down their dreams, what they were thankful for and praying for the students. It was amazing to see how God was actively present in their lives through the programme.

One of the students candidly shared how she was thankful to be alive. It was obvious that God was doing a divine exchange in her heart and downloading the revelation of how preciously He treasured every single life there. Our team members, Tety and Tessa, preached a wonderful sermon, and after which, we prayed for the students present. Many of them wept upon feeling the love of God and His manifest presence in that place.

Our team also ministered to the teachers of the school. As Claire was praying for a teacher named Amy, she felt “something coming out of her hands” and sensed that it was the Holy Spirit giving Amy gifts. Later that evening, we went carolling with some students and teachers in a nearby village as it was near Christmas time. Claire paired up with Amy and another team member, Denise, to go house to house to carol and pray for the villagers. They visited the house of a blind man and the team members ministered to the blind man while Amy translated for them. Amy was not a seasoned translator, however, she did a good job and admitted that this was her first time praying for people to be healed! After ministry, the man told the ladies that he felt more confident that he was forgiven and of Christ’s love for him! Additionally, a girl named Angel also prayed for the man, and the Lord used this one experience to encourage the people on the island to embrace the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The following day, we travelled to another village for a children’s and adults’ crusade. It was there that we had the privilege of meeting Barnabas, a man whom the 2018 Couriers team had also met. The pastor informed us that Barnabas is a man of faith who was always praying for his village. He showed us great hospitality; to the extent of having someone climb a coconut tree to give us fresh coconuts! He told us that he is thankful for all the visits from the Singaporean teams and wanted to make sure every team who visits him receives the best. He recounted how he wanted a keyboard and the 2018 team prayed for him to receive one – shortly after, a keyboard was given to him, praise the Lord! We were immensely blessed to have met him and we were grateful that the work from the previous Couriers team had created a long-lasting and sustainable impact too!

At the adults’ crusade, we say 1 partial healing take place. God was very present in the surrounding villages because God was literally all that the people had – many of them were elderly and God was the only person they could turn to. It was also this dependence on Him that made the people’s desire to know Him so pure. We had a chance to pray for Barnabas at the adults’ crusade; he was experiencing various pain in the knee, elbow and ankle. After our team members prayed for him, he reported that there was no more pain in his knee and a 50% drop in the pain of the elbow!

On our last day of ministry, we went to a village located at an unmapped part of the island. Our team leader shared her testimony to a class of 64 students and all of them expressed their desire to know God as their father. The pastor and the local team exchanged contact with the chief of the island, in hopes that they will be able to carry out more evangelistic work in the island in the future. We were so thankful that God opened the door for future works on the island and concluded our ministry on the island with a time of prayer and thanksgiving.

During the last session, we saw a partial healing take place in the life of a young boy named Jeffery. His arms and legs were of an unequal length and he also had a hip problem. After prayer, his arms and legs were realigned! We encouraged him to keep contending for further healing of his hip and prayed that he would experience emotional and spiritual healing as well. Seeing us pray for Jeffery, his fellow peers came up to pray for Jeffery too, and he experienced such deep love from his teachers and friends through their prayers.

Despite language and physical barriers, we could see how the bonds we formed on the island were of one holy, universal and apostolic church. Our Couriers trip to the island was the first mission trip for many of us on the team. We did not know what to expect and some felt inadequate and worried about being unprepared. However, God took care of us in many ways that we did not expect. He manifested His presence in every meeting that we had and was ever present with us wherever we walked. In our ministry with the people on the Island, we often encouraged the locals to believe that God is always present and taking care of them. On this mission trip, we were also recipients of the exact same love and presence as what we preached to the people. The work on the island and in our lives is beyond what can be captured in words. Ultimately, our team is grateful for the opportunity to be on both the receiving and giving ends of God’s great love.

Team B 2019*
*team name has been changed due to sensitivity

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