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Carefully laid plans might unexpectedly go awry: We went for missions in the monsoon

Our team worked with members from Cornerstone Myanmar during our trip. While each of us came from different backgrounds and life stages, we all shared the Cornerstone DNA and desire to do God’s work. During our time in Myanmar, we were one family, working together to impact the pre-believers and encourage the believers we met.

The first part of our trip was spent in Taungoo, a village about 4 hours’ drive from Yangon. During our time here, we made several home visits to give out food and basic necessities to the villagers. These visits gave us a chance to experience the villagers’ warm hospitality, and more time to interact with them. We also had an evangelistic outreach session and shared at the church night meetings.

Sometimes, unexpected problems arose, and we had issues with the translation, technical equipment, and weather. However, God moved in amazing ways and the greatest demonstration of His power was during our outreach session. Despite the heavy monsoon rains, many pre-believers still turned up for the outreach session which was held in one of the local zinc houses. Some of my teammates were tasked to share their personal testimonies with the pre-believers there. Their sharing caused something to shift in the atmosphere, and other team mates stepped up and shared their own testimonies spontaneously; one even used the local alcoholic (who was lying a few metres from the zinc house) as a powerful illustration of how life brings burdens, and while we desperately search for peace, it can only be found through Jesus, and not at the bottom of a bottle.

As a team, we wanted to reflect God’s love and be the vessels He uses to touch lives. We were moved to carry out a salvation call and pray for the sick and infirmed. At least 4 people accepted Christ into their hearts that day, and we also witnessed miraculous healings in 5 people – we witnessed aches and pains in hands, shoulders and lower limbs disappearing. The greatest miracle was that Mu, a 16-year-old boy who could not walk for the last 2 years, could stand up and walk again. Praise God! What a mighty God we serve!

Later that night, we held a sharing session at the Taungoo church. Although the Taungoo church was housed in humble premises, they had such powerful worship sessions where you could feel the anointing and presence of the Holy Spirit. At the end of our sharing, we asked those who needed prayer or healing to come up to the front. Mu, the boy from the afternoon was present too, and he managed to walk to the front for prayer! As we prayed, we witnessed other healings and people being slain in the Holy Spirit. It was humbling to see how God can use us to impact others around us, as long as we were willing. The beauty of that day was that our actions were unscripted and unplanned, but we worked as one, led by the Holy Spirit.

The rest of our trip was spent in Yangon. We were kept busy with a visit to Grace Home for Children, sharing and ministering to the locals during Sunday services at 2 local churches.

While we were on the way to Grace Home, we got lost for a few hours, and the monsoon rains hit again. But our God is an awesome God – the heavy rains subsided when we arrived, and although we were late, there was enough time to finish our full programme.

While at Grace Home, we started with a lively praise and worship session with the children. We then played games, had balloon sculpting and a demonstration on how to brush their teeth properly. More importantly, apart from the fun and games, we wanted to impart the message that each child is uniquely and lovingly created by God. At the end, we blessed the children by giving them goodie bags filled with stationery which they could use for school. As we said our goodbyes, what really moved us was how these children can still see the best in people, be so full of joy and have such open hearts despite their challenging backgrounds.

Towards the end of our trip, we had the privilege of attending a combined Cornerstone and The City Church service, where we heard Pastor Francis Chan preach. His message on keeping our reverence for God was very sobering.

Mission trips are full of surprises. You never know what your teammates will be like, and your carefully laid plans might unexpectedly go awry, but the most wonderful surprise is seeing how God can use us and how He moves in amazing ways. God doesn’t bring people together by accident, He had a purpose in bringing this team together. We had great team dynamics (there was never a dull moment in Myanmar!), and we were united in our desire to serve. As a family of believers, let us always aspire to work together and give ourselves fully to the work of the Lord. Just as the rains of the monsoon flooded the streets of Myanmar, we pray that His love would pour out upon the nation and for many to come to know the Saving One.

MYN 01, 2019

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