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Faith & Medicine: God’s open door to the Nations

Back in 2008, a few of us were tasked to set up a Disaster Relief Team with the purpose of providing medical relief/health care to our affiliated and network churches around the region. In that same season, we witnessed many natural disasters hitting different parts of Southeast Asia. Since then, the team has redefined our objectives to operate during peace time with the aim of using the medical and dental platform to reach out to many different communities under our affiliated and network churches and renamed ourselves as Cornerstone Humanitarian Aid Relief Team (HeART).

In 2011, Cornerstone HeART embarked on our first exposure trip to Yayasan Pondok Hayat, Surabaya, a Christian organisation that reaches out to unwed mothers, orphans and villagers in the slum. Within a span of three days, a total of 800 people were recorded for receiving treatment at the different makeshift clinics set up on the grounds of Pondok Hayat’s ministries. Apart from the medical outreach, the team also had the privilege of doing home visits to pray for the people and minister to the unwed mothers.

Over the years, the team has expanded. In 2016, 3 different medical and dental teams went to Indonesia, Philippines and India to provide basic medical health care and dental care. I had the privilege of leading 2 teams; 1 dental team to Philippines as part of the Bless Santiago Project and 1 medical team to India. Personally, I felt that the Bless Santiago Project was a breakthrough for Cornerstone HeART. A total of 4 doctors, 1 chiropractor, 4 dentists, 4 nurses and 20 volunteers came together to run both the medical and dental outreaches. Through Cornerstone HeART, we were able to bring medicine and minister in faith to many.

On the first morning of the outreach, I could only assign one volunteer, Evelyn, to pray for the sick due to the shortage of manpower. However, God took us by surprise us through her. By noon, we were witnessing people who came with the intention to seek medical or dental care, getting healed and saved. On the second day, we sensed a shift as we saw more people getting healed and saved. As a result, we redeployed some of our volunteers from the medical and dental rooms to be part of the prayer team.

At the end of the four days, we had close to 900 patients who had come for the medical and dental outreaches. At the same time, we also witnessed hundreds of patients getting saved and healed through them. A lady who was healed from her lower back pain came back with two huge rice cakes to show her gratitude and thanks to the team. She was akin to the leper who was healed and came back to thank the Lord. I believe that she was not only physically healed but spiritually too. Our team was simply astounded by how God would use us as a vessel to heal the sick and lead them to salvation. Apart from the Singapore team, the local volunteers were the first to witness the signs and miracles when they were interpreting for us. What a testimony! (Statistics for Bless Santiago Project: 546 medical 326 dental 471 salvations 204 healings)

To date, Cornerstone HeART has organised about 16 medical/dental trips reaching out to at least 7,000 people who were in need of medical/dental assistance both local and overseas. I believe that this is only the beginning. Apart from doing the good work, our hearts and desire is to see people from different nations experiencing the love and the touch of God. Quoting from our Senior Pastor Yang, “all must pray, many must give, and some must go.” I am calling all of us to be co-labourers with the Lord for the harvest that is waiting for us.

Alvin How

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