I spent all my money on fun to avoid a missions trip

In September 2016, I had just graduated from a polytechnic and was awaiting my army enlistment. Because of my graduation and extra time on my hands, I had plenty of opportunities to do whatever my heart had desired and even travelled to three countries.

One day, God prompted me about my priorities; one of which was missions. It was then that it dawned upon me that after my graduation and throughout my graduation trips, I had barely put in any thought towards missions. I gave excuses to myself; I had no time and no money – when in reality, I was simply reluctant to work so that I could enjoy my freedom and spent whatever I had saved on one too many grad trips. After God revealed the condition of my heart, I felt convicted by the Holy Spirit to use the remaining time I had to go for missions

When I had made my decision, it was already past the deadline for the original sign-up date. Hence, I started asking around if there was any team with available spots for me to join and I found one to country N. One of the biggest issues I faced then was the cost of the trip, which was approximately S$800 – S$1000. At that point, I thought that it would not be an issue as I had around 2 – 3 months to raise the funds.

KOI required me to work on weekends, but I managed to negotiate for working hours that allowed me to go to church although it did not sit well with the boss. I was still at a junior level and had a lot of things to learn and pick up. One day, I fell sick, and probably because of the bad reputation I had for negotiating my schedule, the boss assumed I was lying. He told me not to come back and kicked me out of the store’s WhatsApp group. It was then that I realised I may not make the trip as I could barely afford the air ticket. It came to a point where I thought about borrowing money from family or friends, knowing I could repay them the money when I enlisted with the income I would be receiving. But instead, I used my lack of finances as an excuse to back out of the trip.

Before I totally gave up, I prayed a short and simple prayer, “God, I avail myself to You and if You want me to go for this trip, You will provide for me.” That was it. There was a small part of me hoping someone will pass me an envelope saying they heard from God that I needed the cash but a huge part of me thought it was not going happen as I was just less than thirty days away from the trip.

The very next day, I received a phone call from a company inquiring if I was interested in a two-week job. When I went for the interview, I was shocked to find out that it paid me $10/hr, but most importantly, the job ends on the exact day that I was due to fly! The total pay would amount to $800 – $900 which was the amount I needed for the trip. It was then I knew, confirm plus chop, that it was from God! The nature of the job was ideal for me as well, giving me extra time to prepare myself and craft sermons for the mission trip!

To sum up this whole journey, I realised how good our Father God is, and found my story like the prodigal son. At the start, like the prodigal son, I was playing around and did not set my priorities right. When I started looking for a job, I did not put God into the picture as I was using my own strength to job-hunt, complaining about the working hours and pay, and not committing any of my applications to prayer. It was only when I started worrying after getting fired, that I turned to God and prayed that simple prayer. He was there the whole time, waiting for me to turn to Him.

At that point, I experienced the Father’s love all over again, comforted that He knows my needs, and at the same time, not having to rely on my own strength – I just needed to ‘do my part’ which was to pray and spend time with Him. He indeed is Jehovah Jireh, the God that provides, and despite my own immaturity, His mercy came through for me.

Woo Jun Wei
Image credit: Kimberly Yang

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