The pandemic forced global lockdowns – Is there still abundance?

In 2019, there were several months where my monthly income was a mere few hundred dollars. At times, I struggled to pay my month’s tithes, and planned to use the next month’s salary to top up. However, whenever I forgot to do so, my finances would hit rock bottom shortly after. Later, I would remember about my tithing oversight and immediately proceeded to give my tithes. Then, Covid-19 struck.

In Jan 2020, the company I worked for had closed due to the holidays and due to the increasing Covid-19 cases, our company arranged for all of us to work from home. Initially, I thought I would not have any income in February but when month’s end came, all of us received our full salaries. On top of that, I had also received supplementary income from part-time jobs. The income I received in January added up to about $4,000 and February’s income was more than $3,000.

I thank God that despite Covid-19, I was able to present to God more tithes than usual. I believe that it was because I tithed, I was able to receive more to give to God. Truly, as the word of God says in Mal 3:10, “Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house, and try Me now in this,” Says the LORD of hosts, “If I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it.”. I felt this may be why the Lord had blessed me so much during this season. As we are faithful to bring all our tithes into God’s storehouse, God will bless us as His Word promises.

His provision did not just stop there! After the holidays, I changed jobs. At my new company, a colleague needed recommendations for a good wedding photographer. Out of goodwill, I introduced and accompanied her to meet my friend who was a photographer. All I wanted was to bless my photographer friend in his business. My colleague was happy with the wedding package and signed the contract soon after. After they took their wedding photos, I was surprised to receive a sum of money from my photographer friend, as a thank-you for recommending his business to my colleague. Through these two testimonies, I learnt to always obey the word of the Lord. Whatever the Lord says, I will obey as He leads, and the blessings will naturally follow without ceasing. Thank God! All glory goes to Him!

Sister Faith, from a restricted access nation

Bacalod Covid-19 relief efforts

The Covid-19 pandemic was particularly difficult for low-income and slum communities in Philippines. Many people in our communities lost jobs and their livelihoods overnight. We saw the great need and knew we had to do something. As a church, we raised money for food packs while our nation went into lockdown and gave out 1,017 bundles of blessings. We had teams of people who prayed for many in the slums; those who were sick were healed! More than a hundred people gave their lives to Jesus and the team experienced a multiplication of the loaves of bread they were giving out. God is so good!

After we filled up 350 food packs, we were surprised to find that we had about 40 more loaves of bread. No one could explain how this happened. We tried to give them away on our way back home to the front-liners, street dwellers and a group of garbage collectors (who also received Jesus as Saviour) but the bread kept on multiplying at the back of the truck! We made a final count of 2 loaves after giving out the 40 loaves, only to find that it had multiplied to 4 when we got home! God, our Provider, is our limitless source! Thank you, friends and donors, for being God’s vessels of light and love!

Bacolod, Philippines, Miracle Central Church
Written by Ps Elaine Eleazer, rephrased and rewritten by Winnie Tomlinson

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