The Divine Appointment

We were mission rookies. What could our mighty God do through us?

Our team of 12 embarked on a Couriers trip to country L, with many of us going to the mission field for the first time. Our hearts were brimming with excitement and expectancy of how He will use us to encourage and minister to the people there. On the second day of our trip, we visited a small eatery opened by a couple who served in church. Our visit felt divinely appointed as the owners were experiencing spiritual attacks on them and the shop; they experienced worries, headaches and laziness although the shop was only one month old. Their business had experienced a sudden nosedive and there were also strange happenings in the shop house.

The shop owners were suspicious that it might be the work of black magic, a common occurrence in their country. Our team worshipped in the shop, inviting the presence of the Lord into the place and joy overcame one of the shop owners! Our team leader, Angel, felt led to do a prophetic act and declared words of multiplication, praying for a hedge of protection, evangelism, peace and prosperity. The shop owners joined hands in prayer as Angel narrated an open vision of multiplication to them and Matthew, another team member, anointed them with oil. A teammate, Jasper, presented the owners a seed offering from the team, and everyone was flowing with the Spirit – in worship, prayers or releasing prophetic visions.

After we left, a miracle happened! As the owners were clearing the tables after our departure, a lady walked into their shop. The owners tried to explain that the eatery was not yet open for business but the lady insisted, even telling them that she was okay with eating leftovers if it was still fresh! That night, 3 cars full of customers came to their shop despite the nearest carpark being a far distance away. These customers walked all the way from the distant carpark to their shop to have a meal! This had never happened before since their shop’s opening! On the same day that we had prayed, they made the highest income they ever had since the spiritual attacks began although they were only open for a total of four hours.

The heavy atmosphere of the shop lifted, and the owners gave testimony of the good report during Sunday Service the next day! The following Monday was a full day of operation for the shop, and though the owners had wanted to close the shop at 10pm, there were still queues forming – eventually they only managed to close the shop at 12am. That day, they earned even more than the day we prayed for them!

During the Sunday Service, Matthew shared a sermon on Hope, and the wonderful presence of God was felt strongly in the church. At the end of his message, he gave an altar call and many responded. Our team member, Aloysius was praying for a man and felt that he was not a believer yet. Aloysius gave the man an opportunity to know Jesus and the man readily accepted the Lord! The next day, we were told that the man contacted the church and asked to be water baptised!

The subsequent days were filled with much activity such as house visits in a village near a mountain. We were invited to a home of a family who were in debt. The mother, pressed for money, borrowed from their local money lender who charged exorbitant interest rates. The family went on the run and her husband rejected income opportunities as an emcee due to fear and shame. Angel, prompted by the Holy Spirit, discerned that the wife’s act was not in submission to her husband and gently confronted her about the spirit of fear and self-reliance. The wife, convicted by the Holy Spirit, repented and sought forgiveness from God and her husband. They reconciled and we prayed for wisdom in managing finances for them. During our time of fellowship with them after the prayer, we learned of their talent in music and desire to serve on the worship team in church! Jie Hui confirmed what the couple had desired to do through a vision she had when we were praying for them earlier.

We also had an opportunity to visit the home of our driver, whose daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour. One of our team members, Rystine, shared her testimony of healing from epilepsy after attending church. His family were not believers and we took this opportunity to share Christ with them. We prayed for the daughter and found that they had consulted the witch doctor thrice. Angel took the daughter through a time of healing and deliverance, and eventually the black patch on the back of her neck began to fade! Although the daughter still felt dizziness, she recounted feeling joy bubbling up inside her and we believed that God was doing a work in her.

The Lord can use anyone, even a group made up of many first timers, as long as we are willing and ready to be used by Him. This trip has been an eye opener for me despite it being my second time in that nation. God moved so powerfully on numerous occasions during our time there! There has been much unrest and shaking in the nation against the Christians, especially in the capital, but no matter how bleak the news seemed to report regarding the nation, we strongly believe in her destiny and calling in God!

Team A 2016*
*team name has been changed due to sensitivity.

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