What do I do with the gifts and anointing from God?

It all began in 2008 at a meeting in Cambodia. I was asked to pray for an elderly lady who had been experiencing severe pain in her knees for 8 years. She was instantly healed after I had prayed for her. Since then, my faith for healing increased as I continued to embark this journey of praying for healing. I have witnessed the blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb speak and tumours disappear on numerous occasions. During the 2016 Kingdom Invasion Conference, one of the conference speakers, Dr. Randy Clark, preached about healing the sick through Words of Knowledge (WOK). That day, he laid his hands on me and I believe that I had received his impartation, although I did not feel anything significant. From then on, the Lord began using me as a vessel to move in the same WOK anointing as Dr. Randy Clark. I had since started teaching others on how to move in the area of healing.

In November 2018, CSCC organised ‘Bless Mauritius’ with numerous other local churches. Pastor Dian and I conducted training sessions with them and we went into the street to evangelise. I brought a huge stack of prophetic art (ProArt) cards to bless the people at the conference. These cards were hand-drawn by a group of artists who prayed for divine downloads from God. A local pastor picked up a ProArt card with an image of a bag of money and gold. It was interpreted that God will bless her financially in alignment with the prophecy Ps Dian received for her that she will go for missions. We went back shortly to Mauritius in June 2019 to run a ‘School of Prophets’ conference and bumped into the same lady pastor. She rushed up to us and testified of what transpired after the Bless Mauritius Outreach. This was her account:

“Sister Eve, sister Eve! I want to tell you that I recorded the word released when the prophetic card was given. Every day, when I open my bible, I will also listen to the recording of the prophetic word. Two months after you left, I decided to go for missions for a few months in Madagascar. The moment I decided, money started coming in; it just dropped into my lap! Never in my entire life have I experienced such a thing, where people would give me money so generously. The Lord provided in many ways. My ex-husband’s wife approached me to ask if she could buy over my ex-husband’s house as he is deceased, but the house was still under my ownership. A shopkeeper gave me a handphone for free, and I had a motorbike that I had been trying to sell but there was no buyer who was willing to pay the amount I wanted. Two days before I was supposed to leave for Madagascar, a guest speaker at my church pointed me out to the congregation and told them to give to my mission trip. The amount given to me that day was the exact amount I was selling the motorbike for! And even after the mission trip, the money has not stopped coming!”

There were many healing testimonies that came in during the School of Prophets 2019 training. As my usual practice before we start a session, I would release WOK from God that I received prior to each session. For anyone who claimed it by raising their hand, I would say, ‘Be healed in Jesus name’. Once, I received a WOK about a sharp and deep stomach pain, so I released it to the congregation. Towards the end of the second day, a lady came up on stage to testify of being healed from stomach pain resulting from an operation to remove a huge cyst. She was on pain killers for four months after the surgery and showed no improvement. Her friend told her when she went to the toilet that I had released a WOK for her condition. The lady decided that since I released the word, she would just claim it by faith. That evening, she felt the pain leave her body. The next morning, she felt no pain so she didn’t take any painkillers. For the entire of the second day, she had been serving at the conference without experiencing any pain! God had healed her without anyone laying hands on her; but simply by putting her faith in the WOK alone!

Healing is F.O.C. because Jesus has paid the price. The three keys are Faith, Obedience & Compassion. These are the three pointers I had learnt while growing in these gifts.

First, the Lord asks us for complete faith in His entire Word. That means that if we believe we will enter heaven after death by believing in John 3:16, then the same level of belief and faith should be applied to the entire bible!

Secondly, we need to be totally obedient to God. In John 2:1-11, the servants obeyed Jesus when He told them to fill the jars with water when Mary said there was a shortage of wine. Even though it did not make sense to them at that time, the servants did as they were told and that resulted them being the witnesses of a miracle! When you obey God, He will bring you to the next level. The servants were not the ones who performed the miracle, they were just vessels that God used to carry out the task. Likewise, when we pray for the sick and move in the prophetic, we are just His messengers of love to His people.

Lastly, Jesus moved with compassion and was filled with the Holy Spirit. We need to have compassion for the people to whom we are ministering. We must first learn to love our neighbours and live out the supernatural lifestyle here in Singapore (or where we currently reside) so that we can become effective vessels when we go overseas.

Eve Ong

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