PlusOne Evangelism Campaign

PlusONE Evangelism Campaign

2023 is a year where we sense God drawing us back as a church in reaching the lost. These are the ones Jesus has laid His life down for and His heart is for them to come to know Him. 

Evangelism was never meant to be complex or intimidating. It’s not the work of a few chosen ones, or an event confined to a few special days in a year. It has to do with our lifestyle, and can be easy and natural. Like how you’d invite someone for dinner or for an outing to spend time with them. We call them our PLUSONE.

Introducing PLUSONE – an initiative for us to make room out of our busy schedules to reach at least ONE person this year through a simple 3-step strategy to PRAY, CARE and SHARE.



Step one is to pray for someone in your circle of relationships who does not know Jesus personally. In order to pray effectively, take time to know what their needs are, or ask the Holy Spirit to show you how you can pray for them. 


As you pray, be an extension and channel of God’s love by intentionally showing care for them. Part of the Gospel is about doing good works. Extend your friendship through love and acts of kindness. 


And finally, share the Good News! Look for an opportune time to share the Salvation story with them, and what your personal salvation story is!


As you launch out, we’ll also be coming alongside you with some helpful tools.

Cell-based Natural Evangelism Course

In the month of April, our cells will be embarking on a ‘Natural Evangelism’ course. This 6-part teaching series will provide every member with practical handles and resources on how to share your faith using your unique story, how to pray with someone to receive Jesus and more.

Special T&E Evangelism Courses

You can also look forward to a series of evangelism courses organised by our Training and Equipping Department featuring Evangelist J. John and Pastor Benny Ho.

PlusONE Events

At the churchwide level, there’ll be opportunities for you to invite those whom you’ve been reaching out to for our PlusONE events. These are evangelistic weekends or meetings that cater to pre-believers through a Gospel-based presentation or message, and a chance to respond to Jesus.

Our five PlusONE events this year will revolve around key celebratory occasions such as Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Children’s Day, Easter and Christmas.

Cornerstone Telegram Channel

And finally, as we start praying for, caring and sharing with those around us, why not encourage others and be encouraged in the journey. 

Get on our Cornerstone Telegram Channel where you’ll receive resources, tools and inspiring testimonies to help keep the passion of evangelism burning in you.

It’s time to reach out! There’s nothing more precious than a soul saved for Jesus. As you go, share your accounts and stories with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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