Message from Director

The prophet Samuel was one of the premier prophets in Israel and under his tenure, Israel experienced a mighty revival. He was compared to Moses and we’re told that not one of his words fell to the ground. It was he who presided over the first bible college in Scripture and the school he established was housed in a town called Ramah.

I’m guessing it was called the School of Prophets because the students were called sons of the prophets. They were trained to basically tap and flow in the prophetic and they attained such a high degree of sensitivity that it seemed nothing was hidden from them. So great was its influence that it began to shape and affect the entire spiritual landscape of Israel.

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Word from Course Coordinator

I’m so delighted for the birth of the School of Prophetic Ministry. It’s something that our leadership team has been planning and praying about for years, and to see it finally happening is truly a dream come true! The cry of Moses’ heart was, “I wish all God’s people were prophets”. The Apostle Paul exhorted believers to, “Eagerly desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy”. God desires His children to communicate His heart to one another and to the world. And that’s exactly why the need to have this training school. It’s our prayer that this course will release and activate many of you into a prophetic lifestyle.

Pastor Dian Botha
School of Prophetic Ministry Course Coordinator

This is School of Prophetic Ministry right where you are. Students will have live immersive teaching, equipping and activations from our team to guide you into prophetic ministry in a structured course.


Who should enrol?

School of Prophetic Ministry is for anyone who wants to:

  • Know how to recognise God’s voice at all times confidently.
  • Walk confidently in prophetic ministry.
  • Develop and accelerate your prophetic calling.
  • Impact your world with power and love.

School Programme

Track 1. Prophetic Basics (March – May 2021)
Track 2. Prophetic Ministry (October – November 2021)
Track 3. The Prophet (Coming soon)

Please note that students are required to attend Track 1 as a pre-requisite to sign up for Track 2 and 3.

School Programme

Track 2. Prophetic Ministry

Course Info
Duration: 8-Lesson Course
Dates: 12 Oct – 30 Nov 2021 (Every Tues)
Time: 8pm
Venue: The course will be conducted online via Zoom

In the last days, God says, “I will pour out My Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams” (Acts 2:17).

Track 2 Prophetic Ministry is designed to help be a catalyst into your prophetic journey, as we dive deeper into core teachings that will be instrumental in cultivating a prophetic lifestyle. With live lectures and live activation exercises, you will learn how to move powerfully and confidently in prophetic ministry.

This course is for Pastors or students who have successfully completed Track 1.
For those who did not attend Track 1 and would like to join Track 2, please download the Pastoral Recommendation Form and email directly to us at

Course Curriculum

  • Prophetic Intercession
  • Interpreting Dreams and Visions
  • Word of Knowledge and Prophecy
  • Understanding Three Levels of Spiritual Discernment
  • Keys to Ministering in the Prophetic Effectively
  • Understanding Triggers that Release the Prophetic
  • *School of Prophetic Ministry reserves the right to change the curriculum at any time during the programme.
    The minimum attendance requirement for all students is 75% and there is a requirement to complete all assignments.


    Ps. Nicky Raiborde
    Dan McCollam
    Chris Berglund
    Ps. Dian Botha


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