Dig In, Dig Deep

When life overwhelms us, it’s easy to back down. Yet, when we recognise the schemes of the enemy, it changes everything. As we look into Nehemiah’s life, let us commit to digging in and deep to fulfill God’s mission amidst life’s chaos. Let’s live undistracted.

Your Sacrifice, His Gift

When God calls us to make a sacrifice, counting the cost can be painful. Yet, when offered in obedience, our sacrifice can turn into the greatest gift of all. As we look at the life of Abraham, let’s open our hearts to what God may be calling us to lay down, and be surprised by His miraculous provision and gifts. As we prepare our hearts for Easter, let’s ready ourselves to say, “Lord, here I am.”

By Faith

When God called Abraham to leave his homeland for the Promised Land, Hebrews 11 tells us that he went out, not knowing where he was going. When God calls us, are we equally ready to follow Him, in spite of uncertainties? Join us as we discover what it means to walk by faith and not by sight.

Will You Wrestle With God?

We all desire to walk in the fullness of our destinies. Yet, when we fail to enter into the place of prayer to wrestle with God, we settle for what’s merely good, and miss out on God’s best. Discover what it means to wrestle with God and give our utmost for His Highest!

Will You Risk?

Risk exists because we don’t know the future. Yet, we make thousands of decisions every day, as if we’re certain of tomorrow. Will we choose the best-presented options, or take the risks God presents to us – the only risks worth taking, no matter what the cost?

Two Copper Coins

What the world thinks of as our meagre offering, God cherishes that we might have ‘put in more than all the others’ when we give it with all our hearts. As we hear stories of courage and candour, may we be challenged to give all we have to God.

Saying Yes

So many of us have dreams we’ve buried, yet, if we’re willing to say yes and align our hearts with His, will we not have the privilege of being a part of His great adventure? God is looking for broken people like you and me to birth His dreams on earth. The question is – Are you willing to say yes?