Jesus Is My Ultimate Healer

When I was working in Singapore in 2002, I was diagnosed with a rare skin disorder by the name of “Sweet Syndrome” at National Skin Centre (NSC), Singapore. My skin developed patches of inflammation. After 4 days of medication, the sickness went off for about 4 years. I accepted Christ and got water baptised in that same year but backslided when I moved back to my family home in Malaysia. In September 2006, the Sweet Syndrome appeared again on my face, and it inflamed and affected my eye sight. I was admitted to a specialist hospital for 5 days, and was given a high dosage of steroid to control the problem. The skin recovered slowly but each time, my blood test show abnormality. During this time, I decided to go back to church again. After about 3 months, the Sweet Syndrome came back and surfaced on my legs and face. I decided to go back to National Skin Centre, Singapore for further diagnosis of this sickness. The medical professor advised that the Sweet syndrome is normally treated with steroid, and the patient would have to take steroid for his entire life and succumb to the side effects of other illnesses due to prolonged intake of steroid medication, of which some patients had developed leukemia as a result. All these medical facts were presented to me and my blood test show abnormality – white blood cell was high and some signs of stress.

{mosimage}I travelled a few times to Singapore from the period of January to June 2007 for medical consultation. On 3rd June 2007, the eve of my medical appointment at NSC, I was invited to Cornerstone Community Church by my sister for the Sunday service. I felt indescribably peaceful in the church and sensed the presence of angelic beings. During the service, a preacher gave a word of knowledge that God wanted to heal people with blood problems. I was prayed for and believed God’s healing for my life, and decided not to go back to the doctor again. When I returned to Malaysia, I started on a 3-day fast from food and stayed in the Glory Place Prayer Centre to seek the Lord. God spoke to me from {bible}Matthew 14:29-31{/bible} and told me not to be afraid. I was really feeling tired of traveling to NSC, Singapore, and all those trips had drained me financially, emotionally and physically. I asked myself why didn’t I believe God for complete healing, after all the medication couldn’t cure me. My sister encouraged me to put my trust in God for a miracle. I felt a confirmation in my spirit, put my complete trust in God for healing and threw away all my medication. Prior to that, I did a blood test and it was fine. I started attending Semarak Revival Centre regularly and God was doing a deep cleansing in my body as He wants me to be holy and set apart from the world as in {bible}1 Peter 1:16{/bible} “Be holy for I am holy”. I used two crutches to walk when both of my legs lost the mobility. Pastors from SRC opened the door for me to stay-in, where I was soaked in the word of God, worship and prayer of the saints daily. All the generational curses and sicknesses over my family were renounced and broken.

On 1st August 2007, during a church prayer meeting, while in deep worship and waiting upon the Lord, Pastor Jean Lim signalled me to stand up and walk. Slowly removing the crutches, I walked and walked for about 7-8 rounds in the church! Praise God! I continue to believe God to heal both of my legs and skin problem. On 17th August 2007, during the praise and worship time at the “Cleansing the Temple” seminar, I received deliverances and the healing touch of God. I started to yawn, tears rolled down my cheeks and large volume of mucus came out of my nose. I felt a great relief on my nose and believed God had also healed my nose from sensitivity. The next day, I felt strengthened and could run with a banner in my hand, doing a Jericho march during the worship celebration. The Sweet Syndrome subsided and God miraculously healed me of all my sicknesses and diseases. I give God all the glory for restoring health to me.

…who Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, having died to sins, might live for righteousness-by whose stripes you were healed.

1 Peter 2:24

by Peter Noi