Shoulder and Neck Pains Gone!

I have suffered from shoulder and neck pains for the past three to four years. I consulted a specialist and was advised that the cartilages on the third and fourth vertebrae on my spine had worn out due to ageing and this was the cause of the pain. At times, I do not have a restful sleep and I would wake up in the night with pain over my shoulder and neck area.

In my recent consultation, the doctor told me that there is nothing he can do to help me except to prescribe pain relief medicine and ointment. I decided not to take the medicine but applied ointments occasionally to relieve the pain and prayed to God for healing.

I attended the Kingdom Invasion Conference and on the second night, Pastor Randy gave a specific word of knowledge for the healing of the third and fourth vertebrae in the spine. I stood up immediately upon hearing that word and began to claim healing for myself. A pastor who was standing nearby came to pray for me. As he prayed, I felt something shift in my neck. I started to lift both my hands up slowly and was able to lift it up high without feeling any pain at all for the first time. The pain on my shoulder and neck was gone and I knew I was healed! I stood up to wave my hands to give God the glory.

On the following evening at the Conference, I met a deacon who was with his young boy. I decided to check out my healing and went over to carry the boy. I carried him and walked around the conference hall and found that there was no pain on my shoulder and neck.

I want to thank God and give Him the glory for indeed, He is Jehovah Rapha, my Healer. Amen!

by Rosalind Lim

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