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ImageA Place for Relational Connectedness

Many mistake the Church as a building made up of stone and mortar. God’s Word indicates that WE are the “living bricks” or “livingstones” that make up the Church (1 Pet. 2:1-12). The goal is not just to heap a pile of bricks together and expect it to become a beautiful structure. Every piece is laid layer-upon-layer, level-upon-level with a deliberate and defined purpose. This is a beautiful picture of the Body of Christ, all shaped and gifted with different personalities and talents, co-dependent one on another, in a web of relationships.

The idea of a Cell Community stems from the fact that every living thing is made out of basic units called cells. It is in the context of this cell community that the life of God is best experienced through the relational connectedness of its members. Whether the group consists of adults or youths, is focused on evangelism or discipleship, the cell is a place where the love of Christ is experienced in the most personal way. It is a place where believers are engaged in body ministry powerfully and experientially.

ImageThe New Testament Church was a 2-winged Church made up of celebration and cells. We see from the Book of Acts (Acts 2:42-46) that the early Church often met in two separate gatherings:
1) In large groups (Celebration) in the temple to worship God
2) In small groups (Cells) in homes for fellowship, shared meals, prayer, breaking of bread etc.

Hence, cell groups are really God’s idea for growth and edification of the Body.

Cornerstone Community Church was born with two cell groups. Through the years with the growing number of groups, the cells today are more multi-faceted to meet the needs of the changing demographics of our church. However, the foundational values of the cells remain unchanged.


Foundational Values (ED2)

a) Edification & Establishing Relationships

The cell structure is the most effective way to provide quality pastoral care where the individual needs of believers as well as the diverse needs of the Body are met as a whole. In the same manner where our natural, biological family provides us with care, accountability and love, the cell community enables members to feel responsible for and to each other. Significant relationships occur best in the context of a cell group.

b) Deliverance: Effective Ministry

A cell community is built on the biblical principle that all believers are ministers and that the work of the ministry should be performed by every Christian, and not just the pastor or leader. It is here where spiritual gifts are best discovered, developed and encouraged in a small group context.

c) Discipleship: Expansion of Leadership Base

The cell provides a platform for servant-hood qualities and attitudes to be developed and proven. It is the best place to identify and develop leaders.

d) Evangelism

A cell does not exist for itself. It exists to multiply. A cell that ceases to grow ceases to function. The cell is the vehicle for body evangelism and the incorporation of new christians into the Body. It provides fellowship, follow-up and nuture of new christians.


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