Making Room For The Holy Spirit

Are we a good host to the Holy Spirit in our lives? What is it like to be led by Him, to walk daily conscious of His Presence, power and direction? If we desire to know the Person of the Holy Spirit intimately, we must start by making room for Him.

Developing The Spirit of A Conqueror

God has called us to live in a place of victory, regardless of the season we’re in. Even in the midst of crisis, we can be overcomers and live victoriously in Christ!

Be Intentional

We’re called to live our lives intentionally and not just let it pass by. Hear as Ps Nicky give us keys on living a life of significance with a purpose, plan and priorities and having a persevering attitude.


The world has a need and the Church has the answer. We’re called to preach the Gospel through our words and good works. How can we go about loving others?