The Seed of Greatness

There’s something within the heart of man that yearns for greatness. We want the meaning of our lives to be more than just a few sentences engraved on a tombstone. God wrote the script for the global story that requires people to do great things and then planted those seeds within us. What if God’s plan was to make you truly great for eternity? How would that look like in this age and in the age to come?

The Fruit of Barrenness

Some of the greatest men in the Bible were born of mothers who went through a season of barrenness. The prophet Samuel was one such example. The Bible says the Lord closed Hannah’s womb and she was provoked severely by her rival. Hannah cried out for a son to bring her relief from the reproach, not knowing that the Lord wanted to birth the great prophet through her and not just any son. Could it be that the barrenness in […]