A Seed of Faith

I had an eye problem for almost 24 years and have been wearing eyeglasses and contact lens for a long period of time. It worsened when I had a rare illness last year called Ocular Myastemia Gravis (OMG) that affected my eyes and I went for a major operation.

The doctor mentioned that it will take me another year for my eyes to fully recover from OMG. On the second night of the healing conference with Randy Clark, I asked God for my complete healing, and somehow a seed of faith was deposited in my heart to believe for it. When Pastor Randy asked people that need healing to do something they have not done before, I removed my glasses. Subsequently, I had an impression of God telling me to throw my eyeglasses which I did, but my vision was still blur, so I said to myself maybe I heard wrongly, and anyway I still have two boxes of contact lens at home.

On my way home I had another impression to throw away my two boxes of contact lens, even before I receive my healing. I obeyed, and after throwing my contact lens, there was a gradual improvement to my vision. Now I can see clearly without wearing eyeglasses and contact lens, and I praise God for that.

By Brenda Madrid