Disturbing Head Pains Gone!

I had an aching and pressing pain at the bottom left of my head for a period of time. The pain came and left at intervals of seconds. My eyes were also affected, and I could not move my eyes to the left and right without feeling any pain. I then discovered a few small ‘bumps’ on my head, and it really troubled me. I researched online to check what the possible problem would be, and it frightened me all the more. It caused me to be filled intimidating thoughts of suffering from some kind of illness.

My head continued to hurt even more, and I got ever more worried. But I was afraid to see the doctor, so I cried out to God for help.

On 15th September 2013, I went for the Sunday Service at Cornerstone as usual, and Senior Pastor Yang spoke on “The Power Of The Passove”. At the end of that service, we partook of the Holy Communion, and Pastor Yang invited all those who have any form of sickness to go to the altar with the Communion elements, and to believe God for their healing as they partook of the Communion and being prayed for. I remember standing there with faith to receive my healing, and was thanking and praising God for it. Although I didn’t feel any heat on my head or whatsoever, I received the healing by faith.

Since that day, the pain in my head is totally gone, and now, I can turn my eyes without any pain at all! I’m completely healed. Hallelujah!

I stand in total amazement at the goodness of God upon my life. I almost didn’t attend that church service, but thank God that I did! When God He plans for you to be there, you will be there. It really blows me away how He desires to heal His people!

I’m reminded of the verse in Mark 5:36 which says, “Do not be afraid; only believe”. Our God is indeed Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals. Nothing is impossible with God, nothing at all. Only believe.

By Cherina Lek