Father, Heal My Eyes Today!

I started to use my glasses from the age of 13. It was a struggle as the degree of my eyesight was unstable and I had to change my spectacles quite often. During the last evening of Kingdom Invasion 2013, I had a simple prayer, “Father, heal my eyes today!”

On that very evening, the conference speaker, Randy Clark, also prayed for those who would like to receive healing for their eyes. In our church services during that same period, our Senior Pastor, Ps. Yang, also prayed for people to receive healing for their eyes.

I received an impartation of faith from God for my healing, and I stopped wearing spectacles after much consideration, thinking it would not cause any harm. True enough, I did not feel any difference without wearing spectacles. Recently, while trying on my spectacles, my eyes felt painful, and so I went to an optician to check my eyes. To my great surprise, the optician said that the degree for my short-sightedness had dropped and I no longer need to wear spectacles! I was so excited that I started sharing the Gospel to the optician and told him that it was Jesus Christ who healed me!

Thank God for the healing!

Submitted by Mercy Flora Nallathambi