Healed of Glaucoma

I would like to testify with great joy and gratitude that the Lord has healed me of glaucoma and high ocular pressure. I’ve had the condition for almost 2 years and have been applying eye drops.

Recently, I was told by my doctor that I don’t have the condition anymore! It’s a real miracle because there is no medical cure for the condition except to control it. I had prayed that I won’t need to apply eye drops, and the doctor said that I no longer need to, and am totally free from it. Praise the Lord!

I went to the recent Kingdom Invasion in March 2013 and was desperate to receive healing. On one of the evenings, Randy Clark gave a word of knowledge on one of the evenings for the healing of people with glaucoma that I responded to, by standing up. I then felt some pressure on my eyeballs. I also went up to the front when one of the team members had a word of knowledge for someone wearing purple. I was wearing a purple shawl on that night.

A big thank you to the Kingdom Invasion committee, and to Cornerstone Community Church for hosting the conference. It’s a real blessing to the body of believers!

To God be the glory!

by Angela Lee