Our Miracle Baby!

I am writing to tell you about our miracle baby!

My husband and I had been trying for a baby since the end of 2006. Early 2007, I had a miscarriage, and after that we tried IUI and Chinese medicine, but nothing seemed to work. At that time I was new to Christianity, attending church for my first time in 2007 because I wanted to ‘give it a go’ and my ‘mission’ was to get pregnant ASAP, in any way possible.

However over the years I have grown and have learned to trust in Him and to wait for His timing, and that timing finally came! At the end of February 2011, Pastor Yang preached about a breakthrough in barrenness. It was during the most “unfavorable baby-making” months, and I hardly saw my husband due to his busy work schedule! Also, I was increasing my jogging sessions in preparation for a race. Yet three months later, I found out that I was seven weeks pregnant! Actually my being present at that particular service where Pastor Yang preached about a breakthrough in barrenness was also divine. I was away visiting family, and had planned to only arrive back in Singapore on that Sunday night, yet for some reason I decided to come back during the week, and was then able to make it for that church service.

I’ve always wanted a girl, but I didn’t want to be “greedy” by asking for a girl specifically. In any case, the odds were against me. A girl in the family was unspoken of: – I have a boy, my sister-in-law has two boys and expecting her third boy soon, and my husband has a brother. Yet in January this year (2012), God blessed us with a healthy baby girl! I refer to her as our miracle baby. It has been quite a journey but God is good! In fact, He is amazing!

by Vanessa Yu