The Afterglow of the Spirit

What an amazing week we had during Kingdom Invasion 2016. I’m certain most of us are still in the afterglow of the Spirit; I am for sure! This is our fourth Kingdom Invasion Conference and after the last conference in 2014, I was almost certain we reached a high water mark. But KI2016 surpassed everything we accomplished in all our previous conferences. We’re building one level of glory on another.

I was extremely blessed by all the speakers. They were certainly handpicked by the Lord. The Word was rich, revelation was strong and fresh, we saw hundreds of healings take place, demons were being cast out in Jesus’ name, significant kingdom connections were being made, but most of all, that glorious Presence invaded us. Who could’ve forgotten that moment on the final night when Heidi spoke, all heaven broke loose and the fire of His Presence hit the place like a whirlwind? It was amazing.

On the last night of the conference, we had anywhere between 8,000 – 9,000 people jammed in the Suntec Convention Hall and the overflows. The emails are still coming in hard and furious. Many testified of being healed and families being saved, for which we rejoice. But here’s a powerful testimony which I’d like to reproduce for you because it so blessed me. I’ve asked permission to edit some parts for clarity, but enjoy this:–

“I’ve a son who has a brain tumour. He was diagnosed with the condition when he was one. The tumor is inoperable because it sits on his optic nerves. As a result, it has caused some vision loss. My son is 16 now. Last Christmas, he told me that his vision was getting worse. I was gripped with fear and anxiety as I knew two other children with the same prognosis who had both gotten blind.

“I did not bring him to the eye doctor straightaway as his next appointment was coming up on 18 Jan (after KI). When I heard of Kingdom Invasion 2016, I did not sign up as I thought it was such a big commitment of my time. I also did not mention about it at home. A few days before the conference, my son ‘out of the blue’ came to me and said he wanted to go for the conference. He heard about it from his aunt, a staunch Buddhist, about the healing service. I was totally shocked and I knew God wanted us to be there.

“During the conference, I’d bring him every night for the healing prayers at 6pm. After every prayer, the person praying would ask him to check his vision and he’d respond, ‘It’s getting better.’ I must confess that I had some unbelief in me and was unsure if he answered out of ‘pressure’. So I’d tell him, ‘It’s okay even if it’s status quo, God has His timing for everything.’ But night after night, he’d say it’s getting better.

“Today he went for his eye check up and his vision had improved significantly. He would normally score 2/10 in the test. Today, he scored 9/10. The doctor was so baffled by the result as it could not be explained scientifically and asked what he did differently. He said he was at Kingdom Invasion last week and gave God all the credit.

“His dad, who’s a Buddhist and comes from a family who donates millions to build temples in Singapore and the region also talked about Kingdom Invasion and gave God all the credit. The doctor was totally amazed by the testimony and said she’d refer all her patients to the conference next year. I’m so amazed by what God has done and I thank Him for hearing our cries. All glory to Him!”

I’m rejoicing. This is what Kingdom Invasion is all about and I praise God for giving us the opportunity to host this amazing event. To Him be all the glory, honour and power, forever and ever!


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