Learning To Hear

When I was a young believer, I was deeply fascinated whenever I hear men and women of God share how God spoke to them. The stories of how they heard the voice of God were powerful and real. They birthed a desire in my heart to hear God and relate to Him in a similar manner.  Yet, for a long time, I felt like I never heard God’s voice and began to wonder if it was really possible to hear […]

Jesus and Social Justice

The subject of social justice is prevalent. We hear it spoken by politicians, preachers, celebrities, authors, and media influencers. Fallen humanity has produced countless injustices. In the family, it’s in the form of domestic violence, adultery, and child abuse. In the political realm, unjust wars, discriminatory laws, and corruption abound. Human trafficking, child labour, genocides, and abortions go unnoticed around the world. When we see fellow humans treating others unjustly, we’re appalled.  “How can husbands abuse their wives?”, “How can an adult […]

After Darkness, Light

Jesus exhorted us to watch and pray over events in our times. The polarising dynamics of the great outpouring of the Spirit and increased darkness over nations are happening right now and will continue until His return. As intense darkness accelerates, so will the light of God’s glory. Isaiah 60:2 tells us, ‘For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; but the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you.’ […]

The Times We Are Living In

We’re living in tumultuous times. At the heart of what God is doing now, we see two great polarising dynamics – the greatest revival ever seen in human history, and the most intense acceleration of darkness.  The unique circumstances connected to both dynamics make for a season of great change. This generation has got our work cut out for us in navigating a polarised climate. Our ignorance of what the Scripture says about what God is about to do causes […]

Unlearning and Re-learning

We all love receiving a prophetic promise from God but not the process attached to it. We envision the promised future and wish it’ll come without a journey of transformation. However, all prophecy initiates process – a journey that will take us from where we are now to where we’re supposed to be. The question to ask is – what kind of person do we need to become to inherit the promise? Many are touched and inspired by a prophetic word […]

Living From The Inside Out

There was a season in my life, for a few years, where I’d experience tangible manifestations of God’s Presence. It was almost as though I’d feel Him tangibly in my physical senses.  I’d shake under the power of God, laugh when His Spirit touched me, and feel the force of His power when I prayed for people. I enjoyed this season immensely as it made me realise His nearness and reality, and the realm of the supernatural. Then, it all […]

The Sacred Place of Solitude

I’m a relational introvert. This may sound like an oxymoron but, to put it simply, I love being with people. But not all the time – I need space and time alone to recharge my emotional batteries. Let’s be honest, being with people can sometimes be draining. Yet some of us are constantly in the presence of people, needs, demands, and expectations. Our children are pulling us, our family needs emotional support, friends look for help. The groups we lead […]

What If You Were Twice As Courageous?

I often ask myself if I could do more for the Kingdom if I were twice as courageous. This self-questioning usually exposes my reducing the possibilities in my life to accommodate my fears. When we insulate ourselves from what we’re afraid of, we don’t feel the emotions of fear and are therefore lulled into believing we’re free from it. We rationalise our greatest fears and call it practical wisdom. Fear often masquerades as pragmatism. My first experience on a plane […]

Glad Tidings To You and Your Kin

Christmas is the time for family to get together. Yet, for some, family can be a source of pain. Perhaps you’re estranged from a loved one or maybe the relational baggages are too overwhelming and time together is just another potential conflict. Do your attempts to connect with a family member feel like a futile push against a mountain of defensiveness, awkwardness, and shame? Let’s explore tips to help chip at this mountain. 1. Remember where we came fromAs a […]

The Pathway To Promotion

Since I was a young believer, I was taught to aspire to leadership. I learned that there’s a price to pay, but the reward and fulfilment will be well worth the price. Indeed the joy of impacting lives as a leader is beyond what I imagined. It isn’t just a journey of satisfaction and rewards but also one of facing our pain, insecurities, and fears. If we say “yes” to God’s call to leadership, He’ll place us in situations that […]