God’s Dream Team

The pastors and heads of department have just returned from an intensive 3-day planning summit for the purpose of “charting the future course” for Cornerstone. The meetings consisted of prayer, worship, reports and planning. The summit provided an integration of God’s dream and plan for Cornerstone to be woven in and through the leadership. How does such a process take place? Let me explain.  Dutch Sheets made the following statement in his last visit to Cornerstone: “God first dreams before He […]

Fields White For Harvest

This has been a significant week for our church, as over 180 Filipinos and Singaporeans laboured together in the Philippine city of Santiago. The community was served and the Word of God was preached. We believe God for an abundant and abiding harvest of souls through the recently-concluded “Bless Santiago” event. “The Parable of the Net” is the 7th of the kingdom parables that denotes the last day harvest. It can be linked to the Feast of Tabernacles which is the […]