Services This Weekend


Speaker: Ps. Yang Tuck Yoong
Sermon: Travel Light
Time: 5pm (Sat) and 10.15am (Sun)
Venue: Main Auditorium
Date: 7 and 8 May

One of the most succinct pictures of the Christian life on this earth is a pilgrimage. We are just passing through because this earth is not our final destination. It is just a stopover. This life is a probationary life. And the advice from scripture – TRAVEL LIGHT. There is nothing we can bring out of this world except what we do for the Lord and others.

Nicky Raiborde

Guest Speaker: Ps. Nicky Raiborde
Time: 8.30am and 11.45am
Venue: Main Auditorium
Date: 8 May

Ps. Nicky Raiborde is the lead pastor of International Family Church in Lexington, South Carolina, a church that is influential, multi-cultural, and making an impact in the midlands of South Carolina, USA. Raised in a godly family, Nicky’s parents nurtured him and his two brothers with spiritual instruction and impartation, which helped him to answer the call of God at the age of 17. Since devoting his life to God in full-time ministry, Nicky has traveled to over 48 countries, preaching at crusades of thousands and teaching in numerous churches. He has authored several books and lectures regularly at the School of Leadership in Tung Ling Bible School, Singapore and the Bible College of Wales in Swansea, UK. He is an excellent preacher who engages his audience with simple but powerful truths from the Word of God. He continues to pursue the call of God to go to the nations with an apostolic mandate.


Speaker: Ivan Tan
Sermon: Coming Out From The Dark Valley
Time: 2pm
Venue: Main Auditorium
Date: 7 May

Have you been feeling defeated or weary recently? Have you tried to break out from your situation but to no avail? Have your passion for the things of God waned? Take heart because you are probably in a valley season. Throughout the scriptures, God orchestrated for His people to walk through the dark valleys of life. The dark valley is not the final destination but a springboard to our final destination. Come this Saturday as we gain perspective of trials and how we can emerge victorious.


Speaker: Ps. Sng Peh Han
Sermon: The Road Less Travelled Part 1 – The Call To Leadership
Time: 12pm
Venue: Main Auditorium
Date: 7 May

John Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.” More than just the title or position, leadership is about influence. We are to be influencers in society. God has called us to be the head and not the tail, to be the ones who lead, not follow. We are not in the world just to take a ride and smell the roses. We are here in our generation to set the direction of where to go. The call to disciple nations is a call to leadership.