The life of a Christian is built on the foundation of the Word of God. Our Training and Equipping (T&E) classes are designed to equip and navigate you through the different seasons of life.

From our 100 series for the new believer to our 500 series for leadership training, there’s something at every stage of your walk with Christ to help you hit the high call of God (Philippians 3:14)!

The next semester will start in April 2017. Please re-visit this page in March 2017 for the updated course list.




Basic Christian Living

The 100 series covers the basics of Christianity and Christian Living over 11 lessons, done on a 1-to-1 basis. Topics are specifically designed to strengthen new believers who have recently made a decision to follow Christ, and those who are going for water baptism.

Basic Christian Truths

The 200 series covers the foundational studies of Christian Values, Elementary Truths and Faith. These classes are tailored to lay and establish strong foundations in each believer and are essential for Christian growth and maturity.

Our Christian Heritage

This is the History series, comprising the Journey of Israel in relation to the Christian walk unto spiritual maturity; Studies on the Early Church (the Book of Acts) and Modern Church History covering the Reformation, the Modern Church Fathers, Missions and the different Moves of God through time – including our present church age.

Church Life

  • 401– Doctrinal Study Series: This series takes us deeper into the understanding of God and the Holy Spirit – His ministry and gifts.
  • 402 – Ministry Study Series: This track consists of courses that will train and position you to serve with greater understanding in the House of God.
  • 403 – Biblical Study Series: An in-depth study on the individual books of the Bible – both from the Old and New Testament, with focus on applicable lessons that will help you deepen your relationship with God.
  • 404 – Effective Christianity Series: Be trained and equipped with biblical principles on how to be an effective Christian where God has placed you. Learn how to connect your faith in everyday scenarios at school, home, or your workplace.
  • 405 – Family Life Series: Family life is an important aspect in God’s Kingdom. Our desire is to build up godly families and strengthen marriages and relationships between couples by providing godly teachings and a healthy support network.

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