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  • Exploring Your Dreamworld

    Yang Tuck Yoong

    Most of us, when we dream, often make the grave mistake of disregarding our dreams. Oftentimes, we think it’s just a dream. Who knows...

  • Can These Burnt Stones Be Revived?

    Yang Tuck Yoong

    A burnt stone is someone who was once a living stone, but is now no longer on the wall of destiny. He’s someone who...

  • Fathering Like The Heavenly Father

    Lim Lip Yong

    The title of ‘FATHER’ is one most used by our Lord Jesus in addressing God. While we may never be perfect fathers here on...

  • The Courts of Heaven

    Robert Henderson

    Robert Henderson teaches on three dimensions in prayer – the Secret Place, the Counsel of the Lord and the Court of Heaven.  The Court...

  • Choices That Will Determine Your Destiny

    Melvyn Mak

    God is indeed a God of grace and mercy and second chances, but He’s also a God who has given us the freedom to...

  • Raising Family Champions

    Jason Wong

    The institutions of marriage and family are the foundations of a nation. Where family goes, the nation goes. When we follow God’s design, blessings...

  • The Power of Testimonies

    Jennifer Heng

    Testimonies are God-given weapons for spiritual warfare and form the foundation for future generations to know the works of God. Let’s be reminded about...

  • The Two Fields of Cornerstone

    Yang Tuck Yoong

    God has given us wonderful promises and a great inheritance in the nations. We must not lose sight of the prize. In June 2008,...

  • God’s Heart For The Lost

    Ben Fitzgerald

    God is mighty to save. He is able to break into every broken life, every hardened and rebellious heart. There’s no one He can’t...

  • Living the Choreographed Life

    Yang Tuck Yoong

    Jesus lived an amazing choreographed life. Every step He took was ordered and every word He spoke was inspired. He was always in the...

  • What It Means To Be Great

    Yang Tuck Yoong

    We’ve all heard preachers screaming over the pulpit, “You’re destined for greatness!” But what does it really mean to be great? Who were considered...

  • A Powerhouse of Prayer

    Lim Lip Yong

    Prayer is an essential pillar in every believer’s life. There are some prayers we’re called to pray individually, and there are prayers that require...