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  • God’s Heart For The Lost

    Ben Fitzgerald

    God is mighty to save. He is able to break into every broken life, every hardened and rebellious heart. There’s no one He can’t...

  • Living the Choreographed Life

    Yang Tuck Yoong

    Jesus lived an amazing choreographed life. Every step He took was ordered and every word He spoke was inspired. He was always in the...

  • What It Means To Be Great

    Yang Tuck Yoong

    We’ve all heard preachers screaming over the pulpit, “You’re destined for greatness!” But what does it really mean to be great? Who were considered...

  • A Powerhouse of Prayer

    Lim Lip Yong

    Prayer is an essential pillar in every believer’s life. There are some prayers we’re called to pray individually, and there are prayers that require...

  • The Realm of Revealed Knowledge

    Yang Tuck Yoong

    There are two realms of knowledge – that which is secret and that which has been revealed. That which is secret belongs to God...

  • Obedience

    Dian Botha

    Obedience is the foundation of our relationship with God. It’s also the main ingredient of spiritual growth. On the other hand, disobedience creates havoc...

  • The Undisciplined Pursuit of More

    Yang Tuck Yoong

    There’s a dark side to success, and if we’re not careful, it can lure us into a false mindset that says, ‘I can do...

  • The 3 Voices of the Old Testament

    Lim Lip Yong

    There are three principal voices that speak to us in the Old Testament – the Priest, the Prophet, and the King. These were not...

  • Stand For Life

    Jason Wong

    In Exodus 3:7, the Lord said, “I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because...

  • What Dazzles and What Transforms

    Yang Tuck Yoong

    We’ve all witnessed the grand fireworks display on our National Day. For 10 minutes or so, we’re enthralled by the lights, colours, flashes, sound...

  • Season of the Open Door

    Daphne Yang

    Our life and activities on earth is connected to the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. He has given keys to unlock doors which...

  • The Revolution In The Lord’s Prayer

    Lim Lip Yong

    The Lord’s Prayer is very much an instructional prayer that gives us a guide on how we’re to pray. However, if we were living...