Come To The Table

25 Dec 2020

This year end, we invite you to COME TO THE TABLE and let’s discover the power of EAT-LISTEN-SPEAK!

Instead of our usual drama productions held in church during the Christmas season, we want you to be the church and bring the Gospel to those closest to you – simply by doing 3 simple things.

EAT – Share a meal or an activity with a group of friends.
LISTEN – Share and exchange stories on how your year has been.
SPEAK – Share a word of encouragement or blessing with them.

Be amazed by how 3 simple steps can leave a mark in a life this Christmas! 

Check out our event website for more details at and register your interest for a FREE STARTER PACK – Limited number still available!We’ll mail you some great resources in the pack for your Come To The Table gathering! 

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