WOW! Women’s Conference 2019

(Cornerstone Community Church)

12 -14 September 2019 

WOW! Conference 2019 brings you an exciting line-up of speakers! They will inspire you in these sessions through the word, worship and personal encounters with God. This year’s theme is ‘Women of Wisdom’ and we are calling all women to come together to seek after her. May wisdom “be more than rubies, as she brings you honor.” As you embrace and place her as an ornament of grace on your head, you will be empowered to live your life as a daughter glorifying our Heavenly Fathe

Night Meetings are open to public on 12 & 13 Sept, Thur & Fri (ladies & gentlemen are welcomed).

Conference & Workshop Speakers:
Reverend Sylvia Evans, Pastor Libby Huirua, Reverend Dr Naomi Dowdy, Sister Nidia Meneses & Pastor Sabrina Low

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For any enquiries, kindly write in to the WOW! Conference Committee at

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