Since the inception of Cornerstone Community Church, missions have been ingrained into who we are. It is in our life-blood. The call to be a House of Prayer for all nations and to put feet to our prayers for the nations are indelible qualities that have been seared into the DNA of who we are. Over the years, we have seen this vision become reality. Today, we have a total of 168 churches, 24 bible schools, 11 orphanages/shelters, and 15 primary schools spread across 23 different nations.

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Our Missions Programme

apprentice church


Go, serve in one of our local ministries in a nation for a time period of 3-12 months under Apprentice!



Commit to 1 to 2 short-term missions per year for the next 2 years to help strengthen the local ministries in the nations through Builders!



Our Couriers programme is Cornerstone’s annual short-term missions focus in the nations. The name is derived from the metaphor of “faithfully delivering” the Gospel to a foreign land.



Go, bless the local communities through our short-term Heart medical clinics on the fields, alongside our prayer & evangelism teams.


Cornerstone Global Network

The Cornerstone Global Network (CGN) is an affiliation of churches, ministers, Bible schools, orphanages, and primary schools that share a common vision and focus under Cornerstone Singapore.


Kids Sponsorship Programme

The Cornerstone Kids Sponsorship Programme (KSP) provides education, uniforms, and lunch for less privileged children in the nations.



The “Apprentice” programme (previously known as “Cornerstone Overseas Volunteer Programme”, COVP) is our medium term missions programme for mature church members to be sent out to serve in the nations for a period of three months to a year. This programme focuses on strengthening our global CGN churches and partners while engaging God’s missions call in the individual.

Through this programme, participants will experience what it feels like to serve full time on-the-field and help with the work needed on the ground. As the end-time harvest draws near, we need all hands on deck and encourage members with a missions call to join us in this programme.

Kindly download the Application Form and Pastoral Recommendation Form.


Our “Builders” programme is a new platform that we introduced to bridge the gap between Couriers and Apprentice. It is a short term mission trip programme (4 days to 2 weeks depending on the nature of the trip), where mature Spirit-filled believers make a two-year commitment to go back to a nation to build & empower the local churches.

The vision for our Builders programme is to “build in the nations“, taking a step deeper from blessing the nations.


Heart (Humanitarian Aid Relief Team) is a group of volunteers who are sent out to provide basic healthcare and aid relief in normal circumstances and in times of need. Every year, we try lito send out at least 4 teams into the nations to give the needy basic healthcare.

Our mission is to support the affiliated works to Cornerstone in the nations by reaching out to the community. This programme was birthed from sending relief teams during the 2004 tsunami that hit Sri Lanka. Since then, we have sent numerous teams over the years to the different Southeast-Asian countries to provide relief and aid.

Kids Sponsorship Programme

Since 2004, Cornerstone has supported thousands of children in some of the world’s poorest nations to go to school, through our Kids Sponsorship Programme. For 2022, we are providing education to over 360 children in Uganda, Myanmar, Indonesia and Cambodia. Every child we sponsor can now go to school to achieve their dreams. For less than 1 dollar a day, you can help bring education to a child in a less privileged nation, and help transform a life! 


“The move of God’s hand amongst the villagers was undeniable and it was so uplifting to see the openness of their hearts to hear the Gospel… We saw how God moved in signs and wonders through these miraculous healings, and how the villagers came to know the character and reality of God, as One who loves them and heals them of all their sicknesses.”

HEART medical outreach, Cornerstone Cambodia, Couriers

“Open doors must be seen with spiritual eyes. We may not see the fruits immediately, but as we do God’s will, God’s way, whilst building relationships with the local people, we will never lack God’s supply.”

Ps. Timothy Chong, Myanmar, Builders

“Whatever God tells you to do, do it. He will teach you and direct you in the way you should go.”

Alicia Theng, Myanmar, Builders

I have been blessed with the privilege to serve with the Cornerstone Telugu Fellowship. It warms my heart to see like-minded brothers from South Asia, on fire for God, reaching out to their fellow countrymen. I have seen how these men shine for Christ even in the most difficult situations, as it unveils their beautiful servant’s hearts.

Count Zinzendorf once said, “Missions simply put is this: Every heart with Christ is a missionary, every heart without Christ is a mission field”.

Aaron Soh, Apprentice

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