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  • The Trinity of Graces

    Yang Tuck Yoong

    We often assume that 1 Corinthian­s 13 is the classic chapter on love, and rightly so. Paul describes to us what love looks like....

  • Unpacking the Mystery of Godliness

    Lim Lip Yong

    Godliness is not an often mentioned subject in the New Testament, but it is of utmost importance. If asked for a definition of godliness,...

  • Go Deeper

    Will Hart

    God is coming to us in a season of suddenlies. But very often, He comes in ways and times where we least expect. Embracing...

  • It’s Rainy Season!

    Nicky Raiborde

    The prophetic “NOW!” word of the Lord to us as a church is – “It’s Rainy Season!” God wants to rain upon us and...

  • Israel in God’s Purposes

    Wayne Hilsden

    The apostle Paul tells us the nation of Israel is an example to the world. Indeed, she has a unique and special place in...

  • The Prayers of the Patriarchs

    Lim Lip Yong

    Abraham, Isaac and Jacob each represents a vastly different season in our lives and this is reflected in their prayer lives. Abraham went early...

  • Overcoming Adversity

    Yang Tuck Yoong

    The last obstacle before entering into our destiny is often the overcoming of great adversity. Often times, just before we enter our breakthrough point,...

  • The Way Back to Zion

    Yang Tuck Yoong

    The idea of Spiritual Mount Zion conjures the highest aspirations of God’s people. It represents the epitome of God’s purposes in our pilgrimage here...

  • A Winning Combination

    Lim Lip Yong

    One of the great inequalities that have persisted till today is the inequality between men and women. Even within the greater Body of Christ,...

  • The Healing Power of Faith

    Yang Tuck Yoong

    The Word of God tells us that healing is the children’s bread. It’s inconsistent to have Jesus pay such a high premium for healing...

  • 72 Hours

    Yang Tuck Yoong

    The death and resurrection of Jesus is perhaps one of the most documented events in the history of mankind. What the Law could not...

  • Divorcing the Spirit of Fear

    Ben Fitzgerald

    The Cross sets us free from fear – the fear of man and rejection. We are not valued based on what others think of...