The Prophetic Dilemma (Part 2)

I’m continuing where I left off when I last spoke on ‘The Prophetic Dilemma – What do you do when prophecies don’t come to pass?’ And I want to do it for several reasons. Number 1: I’ve not received as much response from a message like I had from this one. It seemed to resonate with many people and definitely struck a chord. But more than that, I had a good friend share about how before she heard me preach the message, she was deciding to completely cut off from all prophetic ministry because of the abuse. But the message gave her the clarity and balance she needed. So it’s not just the false prophecies; it’s the fact that these so called ‘prophets’ take advantage of people’s vulnerabilities, and that sickens me. It’s also interesting the New York Times ran an op-ed entitled, ‘What happens when prophets are wrong?’ So this is a big issue – not just in the Church, but also in secular space. We need to have clarity in this matter.


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