The Perplexity & Affliction of Job

Apart from our Lord Jesus, very few people who have suffered greater pain, humiliation and anguish like Job did. And what he went through is something I wish for no other human being. He lost everything he loved, cherished and owned in one fell swoop. BUT GOD… What do we do when there’s perplexity and affliction in our lives?

The 7 Great Priorities of God

There are seven great priorities God has for the Church and I can see all of heaven buzzing with great excitement because of what’s about to happen on earth. The great sacrifice of our Saviour Jesus Christ is coming to a fullness and we need to be focused on those things that are in the Father’s heart.

The Anguish Of An Ageing Shepherd

The 2nd epistle of Paul to Timothy is one of my favourites. It’s a ‘no holds barred’, bare knuckle letter written shortly before his own departure and he’s not holding anything back. He does something that he rarely does in the other epistles – he gets very up-close and personal and pours out his anguish to young Timothy.

Shun Profane & Old Wives’ Fables

Both apostles Paul and Peter warned us to refuse and shun ‘profane and old wives’ fables’. Although the Bible doesn’t tell us exactly what these old wives’ fables were, a cursory glance of 1 and 2 Timothy gives us an idea what Paul was referring to. What are some of these old wives’ fables? How can the church avoid these controversies. Paul then spoke at length on the exercise of godliness, which we will be exploring.

Evangelism – Salvation For The Whole Family

Just as prayer, the reading of the Word, and fasting are essentials for every believer, evangelism is something that we’re ALL called to do. It can be daunting at the onset, and we may sometimes feel intimidated by the thought of sharing our faith with another. But it doesn’t have to be so. PlusONE is a multi-pronged initiative to help us build a lifestyle of evangelism in Cornerstone. Be inspired and empowered as our pastors share about this great task […]

And The Earth Was Filled With Violence

We’re seeing a degree of violence today the likes of which we’ve never witnessed before. This escalation of violence is in our streets, homes, workplaces, in the public square, and all over social media. I’m appalled at the degree of senseless violence happening on a daily basis. What’s going on here? One of the things Jesus said would happen in the last days is the spirit of murder that would be unleashed by Satan. He has come to steal, kill […]

The Cross, The Crook and The Crown

My focus this weekend is on Psalm 23, which is considered the most beloved of all psalms. Several prophets we personally know have declared that this is the psalm for 2023. This magnificent psalm was written by King David, not in his early years, as most people assume, but in the latter years of his life, as David reflected on all he had gone through. He realised that through it all, the Lord had been watching over him faithfully as […]

Judgement Day

This sobering message looks at what happens to each of us the moment we die. This is worthy of all acceptance – everyone who has ever lived will be judged for his works, good or evil. There are no exceptions; there are no VIP passes and there are no back doors. We can banish any thought that you can escape the Courtroom of Heaven. How are we going to be appraised on that Day?

The Unveiling

The Bible speaks of a veil that covers over our eyes – a curse resulting from Adam’s transgression. But because of what Jesus – the 2nd Adam, has done, this veil has been removed and we can behold Him with unveiled faces and experience an open heaven. God seeks for us to enter through the veil into the innermost chambers of His Presence. His invitation is for us to come and enter in, and dwell in the unseen realm of […]

A Multitude Of Counsellors

One of the titles of our Lord Jesus is ‘Wonderful Counsellor’. He’s the answer for the world today. He has counsel for every crisis, a plan for every problem, a direction for every dilemma, a prescription for every pain, and a message for every man. In an ever-increasing complex world, what I see is a great need in the Church is for a company of Spirit-filled and Spirit-led counsellors. May God grant to us a multitude of counsellors in this […]