The Rivers of God

Many rivers in the world are venerated by different religious groups, but there’s definitely one river in the Bible where life-giving waters will flow. Wherever this river goes, it’ll bring forth life. 2024 is going to be a year where we see the intensity of the river increasing in Cornerstone and we must be ready at an instant to go deeper into it. The Lord is calling us to GO DEEP.

Once Upon A Tree

The Lord often used metaphors and parables to illustrate Kingdom truth, and simple pictorial language people could easily understand. Believers are often pictured in Scripture as Trees of Righteousness; Israel was referred to as an Olive Tree; and righteous men were called Cedars. King Solomon, in his wisdom, spoke of cedars of Lebanon and the hyssop, a plant that grows out from the walls of buildings. All this to say that some are like cedars and others like the hyssop. […]

Plans, Purpose and Process

There are three words we want to explore this weekend – PLANS, PURPOSE, and in between that is something called PROCESS. If I could summarise what these three verses are saying, they simply mean: you can plan all you like, but God has the FINAL SAY! It also means that if your plans interfere with God’s purposes for your life, He reserves the right to overrule and scuttle them. So whatever plans we make, just be sure they’re in alignment […]

Friends of the Bridegroom

John the Baptist was called a friend of the Bridegroom, which is the highest accolade and commendation one can receive from the Lord. In Scripture, it was the friend of the bridegroom who was selected to conduct marriage negotiations on his part. It was he who carried messages between the bridegroom and the bride during the period of the betrothal. God is looking for companions for His Son for eternity and that should be our highest quest.

The Snake Line

The snake line is a geographical term which describes an imaginary topographical line in a mountainous region above which snakes cannot live or survive. Snakes can live beneath the line but cannot survive above it. This concept is life-transforming when applied to our spiritual lives, because Scriptures reveal an analogy between both.

The Evolution Of A Vision

In Numbers 33:2a, we read how ‘Moses wrote down the starting points of their journeys at the command of the Lord.’ The whole of Numbers 33 is dedicated to one thing – the journey that the Children of Israel took in the wilderness for 40 years. Did you know that in 40 years, they camped at a total of 40 different locations, with each essentially being a key water source? And it was the Lord who commanded Moses to record […]

Why Every Believer Needs To Be Anointed

Every truly born-again believer has received an anointing from the Holy ONE and that anointing enables us to function and serve in the capacity for which He has designed us. The anointing is like putting a key in the ignition and starting the engine. It’s the spark that ignites the gifts. And if you say, “I’m not anointed”, then you’re calling the Holy Spirit a liar. The only way for us to truly understand the anointing is to understand WHO […]

Why Every Believer Needs To Be Covered

Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 11:3 that ‘The head of every man is Christ, the head of woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.’ Basically, everyone has a covering – even Christ – whose head is the Father. So it makes a person look silly when he or she says, “I don’t need a head or a covering.” We all need a covering and to be properly covered as well.

Michael’s War

The 12th chapter of the Book of Revelations describes a future war that’s coming which will not be fought on earth, but in the heavenlies. It’ll not be fought by men, but by angelic beings seeking to dominate the heavenly places. The outcome of this battle has already been decided and satan will be thrown out of heaven. But WOE to the inhabitants of the earth when that happens. What must we understand about this coming war and what are […]

Magnum Opus of Cornerstone

The phrase ‘Magnum Opus’ means ‘Great Work’. When Jesus went to the Father, He promised that we would not only do the work He did, but greater works shall we do! What is the great work that God has called us to do? More specifically, what is the Magnum Opus of Cornerstone? Here are 7 things that makes us uniquely Cornerstone.