A Brand New Liver!

I was a Hepatitis B carrier from birth but did not discover it till shortly after my university graduation, I turned yellow and was hospitalized. And for the past 20 years or so, my liver enzyme has been up and down showing liver inflammation which later developed into liver cirrhosis i.e. liver hardening. However, in conventional medicine, there is really no treatment for liver cirrhosis. It is irreversible i.e. the liver will not get better but will deteriorate over time. Even so, my liver function is still normal and my general health in good condition. Then in Oct 2010, the scan shows a small tumor in segment 6 of my liver and is suggestive of cancer. So the doctors advised me to go for surgery to remove the tumor but also admitted that this will remove the symptom but not the root cause. The root cause is the cirrhosis or liver hardening that caused the growth of the tumor. Medical prognosis says with a cirrhotic liver, chances of getting liver cancer is 100 times more than someone with a normal liver. So even if I go for surgery, the chance of post operation recurrence is high.

My wife and I decided to try alternative medicine to rejuvenate the liver and shrink the tumor. Knowing that such treatment has no proven efficacy, my only hope is really in the supernatural healing from the Lord. So when my good friend who worships with his family at Cornerstone Church invited me to join the healing session during the March 2011 School of Healing and Impartation by Randy Clark and Tom Jones, there was a resonance in my heart somehow and I was excited to attend the healing session. I attended the night healing session by Pastor Randy on 3 March 2011.

I remember Pastor Randy called out the types of sickness that the Lord wants to heal and one of the sickness is those with liver disease and jaundice. At the prayer altar, Pastor John Lee from Korea, who travelled to join the healing seminar, prayed: “God give him a brand new liver” – and God did! Let me tell you my story:

For a while it seems like the alternative medicine works- scan results shows that the tumor actually shrank. However, shortly there after, my cancer marker also shot up. And then the tumor begins to grow back to the original size. This is when my wife and I decided to go for surgery to remove the tumor and worry about treating the cirrhosis later.

God is indeed gracious and merciful to me and watched over me during the operation. Because segment 6 where the tumor was located was near to a portal vein, the surgeon was concerned that he may not be able to do a resection but will need to burn off the tumor. Burning off the tumor has many side effects – for example, my body would need to fight the infections of the dead tissues as a result of the burning, compared to a clean cut. God was gracious and the surgeon managed to do a clean cut and did not need to burn off the tumor!

The histology report (these are tests conducted on the portion of the liver that has been removed) confirmed that the growth is very small (1.3cm) and cancerous but no “aggressive features”, the tumor was confined and there were no signs of microvascular invasion or spreading. Report also shows that my liver has no cirrhosis! Yes, the report actually states “No established cirrhosis!” Over the past 20 years or so my liver enzyme has been up and down showing liver inflammation and the prolonged period led to liver cirrhosis. Now the histology report shows that my liver is in good condition! Cirrhosis is a medical condition conventional medicine knows as non-reversible but will deteriorate over time but God did the miraculous healing! Doctor says that the resected portion of the liver will grow back and now with the cirrhosis gone, God have indeed given me a brand new liver!

Over the past few months as I walked through the valley of shadow of death, I know that there are only two paths before me – either God will heal me or I will meet my Lord face to face pretty soon. So I told myself that I will take time to draw near to God because I will need to prepare myself to meet my Creator or if He heals me, to serve Him even more fervently, I need to know and have a deeper relationship with Him. As I drew near to Him under His bright light, I find that really there is no good thing in me apart from Christ. What I found was a big ugly “I” inside me. I am convinced that the Lord heals me not because I am righteous nor good but totally because of His mercy and compassion. I am also convinced that because of the prayers of churches, friends, pastors (of course including Pastor Randy and Pastor John Lee), God poured forth His grace and saved me from the grave!

The Lord has turned my night into day; my sorrow into joy! May this story testify that our Lord today is as kind and compassionate and is as eager to heal the sick as recorded in the bible when our Savior performed the miracles when He walked this earth some 2000 years ago – a point emphasized by Pastor Randy as one of the cornerstones of the healing session.

All praises and Glory to our Mighty God!

by Mike Lee