Bent Back Healed

I had pain in my back for many years. When I was pregnant with my second child 6 years ago, I mentioned to my gynecologist about my back pain, she checked and told me that I had mild scoliosis, where my spine was not straight but curved in an ‘S’ shape. Out of curiosity, I asked my husband to take a snapshot of my back to show me as I never knew I had a curved spine and wanted to see how my spine looked like. I’ve kept that photo in my phone since February 2014.

My backache became worse over the years and it would often affect my sleep and sometimes daily routine. My husband suggested for me to visit a specialist, but I refused due to fear and some personal concerns.

One week after the Kingdom Invasion 2014 in a cell meeting, one of my cell members was asking why some people received healing but others didn’t. That hit me, and I asked God from deep inside my heart, “Lord, why?” The Lord then prompted me on the aspect of disease having spiritual roots. That started my search on the internet and on books with regards to this aspect. I found a book where the author wrote that about 80% of diseases have spiritual roots. I started to pray differently, laid hands and blessed my back daily. About a month later, I still didn’t see any difference in my back, and I started to allow doubts to creep in.

On 26 April 2014, while alone with God, feeling disappointed, the Lord, by His grace, revealed the doubt that was in my heart. I confessed my fear, doubt, lack of faith and even anger towards God that I had to go through the pain for so many years, without being healed, and even after I had changed my way of praying. After that, I repented and told God that I would continue to hold on to the small little faith that I have, not giving up trusting on His sovereignty and would continue to grow that little faith by the grace and help of my dear Jesus Christ.

Three days later, while having a conversation with my husband about somebody’s back problem, and I asked my husband to take a look at my back again, which I often do so especially when I needed a back massage. To his surprise, he said my spine has straightened, and asked if I had done anything to my back. I told him no, except prayer for healing. That was on 29 April 2014, where my husband and I witnessed and testified this creative miracle of God.

The miracle happened not because of who I am but by the grace of God. I also believe that the healing and creative miracle took place after I had made peace with God, confessed and repented of all my weakness and sin.

Praise God who is always faithful, full of mercy and grace, and who still heals today! Hallelujah! All glory and praise be to our God!

by Pook Shin Yie