Beyond Skin-deep

I suffered from eczema for five months in 2005 as soon as I started serving with a ministry that had a work in China. I did not have a history of eczema prior to this. I believe it was both a spiritual attack as well as stress. I prayed, and at the same time, changed from one doctor to another. On my first trip with the ministry to China, I carried with me a one-month supply of medicine to suppress the attacks. I came home with a worse attack after I had finished the medication. I was really upset. Since no medicine seemed to really help, I decided to stop medication altogether. For the 2 weeks that followed, I suffered the worst attack ever, as it erupted all over; but I was at peace. By then, it was time for my second trip to China, and I went by faith. It was more risky at that time to go with such a skin condition because I had no medication and the winter temperature (of minus 13 degrees) would aggravate the skin to itch, plus I would not be able to bathe for a few days while I was in the village. All these would worsen the condition. During that trip, all I did was to keep myself clean and to keep my skin moisturized! With these seemingly worst conditions, a miracle happened! I was healed on this trip! All the spots dried up and there was no more itch. And, all the marks caused by the eczema disappeared too, an answer to my prayer! 2005 could have been a “marked” year for me, as I had the most scars in my entire life – scars from chicken pox, followed by eczema which lasted for 5 months. God removed all those marks!

{mosimage}However, after half a year, that horrible skin disease suddenly attacked again in the last week of my School of Leadership term, and when I went for church camp. On the second night of the camp, Pst. Nicky Raiborde gave an altar call for the healing of skin disease, of which I responded and believed in faith. At the altar, the Holy Spirit came and touched me, and His power flowed through me in a tremendous way. The next morning while listening to the teaching, I realized the itch was not there anymore! Praise the Lord! I was healed much quicker this time. Later after I testified, a girl with a lip allergy came forward to be prayed for. It posed as a challenge to me, but I prayed with her by faith. Why? Because while I was healed of the eczema on my head and body in 2005, I was not healed of my lip allergy. I could not put on any lipstick without having swollen, itchy and dry lips for a week thereafter. Therefore, for some months now, God had taught me to stay confident with my looks without lipstick, but only a lip moisturizer! But on special occasions, I would put on lipstick at a risk and suffer later on. Two days after the church camp, I had a wedding to attend and I put on lipstick, and a miracle happened there was no lip allergy to wake up to the next morning!

Praise the Lord that at the church camp, I was healed at different stages! Of course, when I went home, the challenge continued as new patches of eczema erupted, but I continued to pray and claim healing by the stripes of Jesus. Two weeks after the camp, the eczema subsided. I will not allow any more attacks to intimidate me but will continue to pray with the power and authority that Jesus has given me, and to expect victory each time!

I also partake of the Holy Communion with the Lord daily for many months now for the purpose of healing and cleansing, and have enjoyed excellent health since! In fact, the healing has gone deeper than the skin but into my spirit, heart and mind. And I’ve been able to hear the voice of the Lord more clearly, dreaming dreams and seeing visions with sharper revelations and more frequently than ever before! Deeper communion, deeper consecration of the spirit, soul and body, deeper intimacy and commitment to the Lord.

May the Lord bless you abundantly as Cornerstone move in faith with boldness and discernment in this new season to conquer and be overcomers in Christ!

by Veronika Boey