Binding the Spirit of Affliction

“At 12am on one Friday morning, I woke up with pain in both my eyes. After tarrying for a while, the pain got worse, and my in-laws sent me to the A&E at National University Hospital. By the time I reached the hospital, I was blinded by the pain and teared uncontrollably. I could not open my eyes at all, and had to be put in a wheelchair. The pain was immense felt like many knives cutting into my corneas from all directions. The doctor on duty could not diagnose the problem, sent me home with eye drops and ointment, and prepared me to live with the pain for the rest of the night till checkup in the morning. When I returned for a checkup, they still could not diagnose the problem, but explained that there were “zillions of PEs” in my eye. The feeling is like a tear on the skin, and having the raw flesh rub against a wall. What I had was many of this minor abrasions (PEs) in both my eyes. I was given 4 days of MC.

For the rest of the day, I was lying in bed in agony. With my eyes closed, if I were to even move my eyeballs, the pain was excruciating like rubbing my eyes with a handful of sand in them. My eyes and the surrounding area were swollen from the pain and tearing.

When my husband Rick returned from Japan later that evening, we decided to seek for a second opinion at SGH. Still, no conclusions made. My eyes were still swollen, but here’s the miracle.

At about 10pm, I was looking in the mirror and realized that my swelling had suddenly subsided, when it was still swollen some half-hour ago. I felt a sense of peace and told Rick, “I think somebody’s praying for me.” We thanked the Lord for His healing.

The next day, I was completely healed. No pain, no tearing. When I messaged some of the cell members to thank them for their concern, I learnt from the reply that apparently, at about 10pm the night before, Pastor John was praying for me and binding the spirit of affliction during cell group. If you had seen me the day after it happened, you would not believe I had such a trauma the day before – it looked perfectly normal!

Praise God for His healing, and all glory be to our God of mercy and grace! Indeed, He is our ultimate Healer.”

by Annie Chang