Cancer-free Zone!

My father was diagnosed with Stage 3 lymph cancer in May last year (2011), while I was serving in a scholarship training program in Boston. It was devastating for my family. My parents accepted Christ about 3 years ago, but they were not serving the Lord. This health scare shook my mom, and for the first time, she prayed for my dad (without me asking). In Boston, I was given assurance by the Lord that my dad will be given many more years to live, just like Hezekiah and I held on to that since. That promise from the Lord had been a pillar of strength for my parents for the past year. It was a very, very difficult year for my parents.

Two weeks ago, my dad was finally given the clearance from his specialist that he is cleared from cancer and the doctor’s words were, “Congratulations, and God Bless!” This tumultuous experience has not only brought my parents closer together, but most importantly, they are now praying to the Lord in the most childlike way. I’ve been encouraging them to come to church.

My cell leaders, Benson Low, Deacon Raymond Peter and Lynda Peter have been very encouraging during this period. Cornerstone has been my pillar of strength and support. Thank you for the spiritual bread, and let’s all press in for a cancer-free church here in Cornerstone!

by Fern Yeo